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HubSpot: What Is New in May?

HubSpot: What Is New in May?

Another month brings another blog on HubSpot's latest updates! Among other events, May gathered HubSpot's World Certification Week and the Operation Hub's first birthday, both events that created a cheerful atmosphere within the HubSpot Community. Together with those events, throughout the month of May, HubSpot has released numerous updates that can help your building product brand grow better and faster.

If you have not read my blogs before, my name is Ainhoa, and I am Insynth's Inbound Marketing Specialist, or, in other words, their in-house HubSpot expert. Since last April, I have been gathering the platform's updates monthly to make sure that you are not missing anything from HubSpot. You can find a round-up of 2021 here! And you can also check the January, February, March, and April updates.

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Marketing Hub

#1 Collaboration Tools within HubSpot

With remote working still being popular and teams looking for other ways of collaboration, HubSpot has improved their commenting tools! This feature is available as part of Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise and can be accessed within Forms, Campaigns, and Workflows. It is particularly easy to use! When you hover over the "Comment" button in the collaboration sidebar, you'll be presented with the option to leave a comment.

Your cursor will be replaced with a + symbol and you can then drop a comment on any element on the page highlighted. Any comment left anywhere on that asset can also be viewed within the sidebar, so you do not have to click around to find it associated to an element of your CRM, you can pull open the sidebar and find it right away! Collaboration is brought to a new level through this HubSpot update.


#2 Workflow Revision Logs

Once you realise about all the task that workflows can help you complete, you might be tempted to go overboard. It is quite likely that more than one person in your team is looking at your workflows, and, moreover, that they are editing and amending them. Often, this can lead to problems with the performance and set up of the workflows! From now, users can easily filter workflow action log events by a specific workflow revision.

This, of course, allows for easier, more targeted automation troubleshooting. The “revision filter” in the automation tab will displays all revisions for the selected workflow. When a revision is selected, the date range selector is automatically changed and limited to the revision range.

Sales Hub

#1 Use Fractional Quantities on Your Quotes

As HubSpot Partners specialised in the implementation of HubSpot software for building product manufacturers, flexible quoting has been something that we have been waiting for. From this month onwards, on HubSpot, users with Sales Hub Professional will be able to add fractional values to their products when quoting. So, for example, they can create a quote for 1.5 hours of consultancy or 5.75 crates of a particular product.

With this, HubSpot is allowing users to access more precise quoting, which helps them report on the revenue that their closed deals are generating. Similarly, this update aims to help customers use HubSpot features in a way that makes sense to them, reflects their sales processes, and reduces the amount of work they need to do to represent their offering in HubSpot, particularly if they use some kind of e-commerce software.


#2 Set Up Your Own Phone Number for HubSpot

As the world stays in a hybrid way of working, ensuring that your team has the software that they need to succeed is of crucial importance. Yet, thinking about sophisticated software can often make us forget about the very basics… Do your salespeople have a work phone? Investing on phones for your employees can be quite expensive and, in order to make that easier, HubSpot offers their users the possibility of acquiring a phone number!

These phone numbers can be used to place outbound calls and receive inbound calls forwarded to your phone. All inbound and outbound call records, recordings, and transcriptions live in the CRM. This is particularly easy, just navigate to Calling settings and select "Get a HubSpot number". Admin users assign the phone number to any user with a Sales or Service seat. Sales and Service Hub Starter, Professional and Enterprise customers will have access to this update.

Service Hub

#1 Targeted Feedback Surveys

Do you ever get feedback on how comfortable visitors find your website? When would it be the best moment to ask them about that? When they are on it! Until now, HubSpot allowed users to display web surveys on all pages of a website, but users did not have the ability to exclude a specified list of surveys. You would survey everyone. And this might not be the goal of your research! What if you wanted to target a specific part of your audience?

With that in mind, a new “Targeting” tab has been introduced to the CSAT and NPS web survey editors. You can choose the criteria your contacts have to meet to receive the survey from under the "Who" section; you can target your visitors by choosing the web pages where you’d like your survey to appear from under the "Where" section; and you can choose the trigger that controls when you want the survey to appear from the "When" section. This will be available to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.

#2 Check Support Tickets Submitted by a Team Member

If you are a paid HubSpot users, chances are you have already used HubSpot’s Support service. If you are not, you might want to know that HubSpot users can reach out to HubSpot’s Support Team 24/7 through their live chat. Every query that you send through is logged as a ticket on HubSpot’s end and, if it is not solved within the chat itself, the ticket remains open until it has been completed. If they need to review your query, they will get back to you through email.

It is fantastic! But, what happens if one of your colleagues asks a questions to HubSpot’s Support Team and goes on holiday before the support team has been able to give them an answer? In the past, you would not have been able to check what the answer might have been. Nevertheless, as of now, you will be able to see other tickets that you colleagues have logged, making sure that you are aligned and kept in the loop about every query.


#1 Updated Website Grader

New Website Grader (1)

First launched in June 2021, HubSpot has recently released an update of their website grader. HubSpot’s Website Grader provides you with an overview of the quality of your website based on four distinctive but essential parameters. When checking your website’s health, you will be provided with on-the-spot recommendations on improving the areas in which your website might have not successfully passed the test or that you might want to see improved.

The website grader checks on performance, SEO, responsivity, and security. If you are unaware of the performance of your website, running a thorough and complete check-up is highly advised. Whilst there is a myriad of software available to report on the efficacy of your website, HubSpot has made available to all website owners, HubSpot users or not, a compelling and intuitive tool that will assess your website and provide you with a score.

#2 A More Comfortable Development Experience with Prettier

HubSpot has been working on "prettier-plugin-hubl", a Prettier plugin that adds support for HubSpot-specific theme files. Prettier is an opinionated code formatter! And, what does that mean, exactly? Prettier enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary. Simply, it helps developer maintain their code tidy!

3 out of every 5 developer uses some kind of code formatter that allows them to code quickly without worrying about “spelling” mistakes. Through Prettier, developers can have a more comfortable experience creating themes and email templates. While this plugin is in beta, it can be installed in any HubSpot theme project directly through NPM by running "npm i @hubspot/prettier-plugin-hubl". 

Operations Hub


#1 Microsoft Exchange integration for email and calendar

Users can now connect their Microsoft Exchange account to HubSpot as a connected inbox or for use with the Meetings tool. This includes the option of using a static IP range that can be added to an allowlist by IT teams. Only personal inboxes can be connected.

The integration is designed for accounts using on-premises servers running Exchange 2010 SP2 and above. Exchange Online users should connect using the Office 365 integration. The Exchange integration is now available to all portals, including the Free CRM.

#2 Automatic Phone Number Formatting

As part of their data management and data hygiene feature set, HubSpot has just launched a new product update regarding phone standardisation and formatting. Together with the update about inbound calling, this update reflects the importance that HubSpot is giving to the phone as a communication channel. With that in mind, HubSpot has enabled phone numbers to now be formatted automatically!

This formatting will vary depending on the country code so, after selecting the prefix, enter the phone number in digits only and formatting will be applied automatically. Any new records created through this feature will be automatically validated. All phones on your database that contain country codes or prefixes will also be automatically validated, making sure your data stays clean, organised, and consistently formatted.

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