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How Video Can Help Marketing Efforts For Your Building Products Brand

How Video Can Help Marketing Efforts For Your Building Products Brand

As time moves forward, a new generation is coming into the construction scene.

Gone are the days of driving cross country to explain a product to a potential client. Now we have tools to give us a much wider reach of qualified individuals, from the comfort of your office.

Using social media can have a  positive effect on your building products brand. Especially through the use of video.

In this blog we will be looking at ways the use of video can help boost your social media marketing efforts, how the use of video can resonate with customers, as well as the best tools to use to create informative videos for your marketing.

Video Gives Your Building Products Brand A Face And A Personality

When it comes to using an Inbound methodology in your marketing, adding a personal touch can play a huge role in winning and losing a deal.

I have personally seen leads get excited and choose to work with businesses on their projects, purely down to the fact instead of receiving a standardised email to answer their questions they received a personalised video giving them all the information they could need.

This extra effort goes a long way with your leads, as they feel as if they are not seen as a number. They are seen as a person, and as important to your business.

Going the extra mile for your leads with the use of personalised informative videos can be the difference between a lost lead and a sale. It adds a face to your brand, which is important for building a relationship with your lead.

When it comes to giving pre recording demos of your product, using tools such as Vidyard is perfect. It allows you to record your computer monitor as well as yourself, allowing you to give a personalised video to your leads, adding a face to your business, and giving your product a personality.

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Video Can Increase Audience Engagement

When it comes to using videos on your social media channels, it is important to capture your audiences attention within the first few seconds of your video.

Give them a reason to carry on watching your content, as it will generate the best results for your business.

Adding video to your marketing strategy can help feed traffic towards your website, as if you use videos as well as blogs to answer questions you may appeal to a wider audience.

We’ve seen from some of our clients that using video on social media can perform extremely well in terms of impressions and clickthrough rate, with video posts even performing the best out of all posts over the course of a month.

For high quality, professional videos, the best tool to use for production would be a tool such as premiere pro by adobe. Premier is perfect for putting together high quality content such as interviews, YouTube videos or even general marketing videos.

Premiere is included in the adobe creative package, so it does have a cost, but the content it enables you to produce is worth it.

Video Can Feel More Conversational And Educational

Using video in your marketing can give your message a more conversational element to it, instead of it feeling “salesy” or pushy.

The key to guiding leads towards your business is through educating them about what you are offering, and helping them understand the unique differences between you and an alternative product or service.

The key to this is the fact people learn in different ways. Some consume information better through text, others audibly and through video.

The use of a video as well as images and text in your social media may help you communicate better with a wider audience, appeal to them, and draw them to your building products brand.

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The main use of video in your marketing is to educate and attract your audience, especially in the building products space. If you can take a technical product and find a way to explain it, and help someone who knows nothing about your product understand its purpose, it shows you fully understand what you’re selling, as well as helping your audience understand why your building product is the best option for them.

Building a relationship with your audience, and educating them will benefit your building products business, as if your product is the best at what it does, and does as you claim, your audience will see that.


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