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Effective Formats for Building Product CPD Presentations

Effective Formats for Building Product CPD Presentations

It’s widely known that, for architects and design professionals, CPD is a vital part of career development. Many professional institutes (such as RIBA CIOB, RICS, RTPI, CIAT, ICE, IStructE) now require members to undertake a minimum number of CPD hours each year.

According to CPDUK, architecture CPD ideas & activities can include:

  • Training events
  • Conferences, seminars or workshops
  • Short courses
  • Online and distance learning
  • Training other people
  • Industry technical reports
  • Reading industry literature
  • Researching new professional methods

As a building products manufacturer, you will see from the list above that there are a variety of ways you can build relationships with your prospects. This post aims to highlight some of the more effective formats for you to consider when designing your business/marketing strategy.

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Online & Distance Learning

Otherwise known as ‘Digital CPDs’, these are a great way for building product manufacturers to deliver CPD to their audience of architects and design professionals.

Digitising your CPD means that participants can access it any time, anywhere, any place.

Making your CPD accessible to a wide audience in this way will help to increase your brand awareness and develop trusting relationships with more people within the industry.

However, getting your Digital CPD right (and even approved) is not an easy task, and will require certain considerations. Fortunately, we have a variety of informative articles on how to develop an effective digital CPD. Click here to find out more.


Technical Reports & Industry Literature

We often talk about the value that a strong content strategy can bring to your construction company’s lead generation.

But, did you know that a technical report or some form of industry literature can also be classed as CPD for an architect or design professional?

As experts within your field, why not put your knowledge to paper and create a technical guide for your prospects to benefit from?

Of course, putting pen to paper is easier said than done. And once you’ve drafted your guide, putting it together into an attractive resource will take the design skill of a professional.

If you decide to attempt to write a technical report or some form of industry literature, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the time to produce this?
  • Do I have the design capabilities to make it look professional and appealing?

If you fancy yourself as a wordsmith, download Our Free Guide To Content Marketing For The Building Products And Construction Industry here.

Alternatively, check out our Write Start Content Pack page where we can create the copy for you.


Building Product CPD Short Courses

If you have ever explored the psychological pedagogies of learning theory, you will know that humans have a short attention span.

So, why not take a more modular approach to your CPD?

Modularisation of courses involves the packaging of course content into shorter, logically self-contained units which together cover the content which would be covered by a conventional, longer course.

In order to split your CPD into modules, we recommend a plat form such as Teachable. This software allows you to split your course into different chunks, with quizzes for participants to take at the end of each module.


Building Product CPDs That Are Less Than Effective (Right Now)

Going back to the list from CPDUK, we note that architecture CPD ideas and activities can include training events, conferences, seminars and workshops.

And yes, these are all excellent ways for architects and design professionals to receive CDP.  

However, the reality is that right now, interactions in this format just won’t work.

With social distancing measures set to be in place well into the new year, large events like this are unlikely to go ahead.

The lack of face-to-face and large-group interactions will impact professional’s CPD hours. By providing a more digitised approach, you’re creating more opportunities for them to gain CPD.

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It’s clear that right now, the most effective format for a building product CPD is one that’s digital, whether in the form of an online learning course, short course or even an eBook/white paper.

If you would like any more information on what Insynth can do to help digitise your CPD session(s), head over to our CPD services page. There, you will find an in-depth review of our CPD creation process.

Alternatively, talk to an expert today about how Insynth can help you. Book a consultation with Will or call 01952 897097 today.