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Getting Ready for INBOUND22: 10 Highlights From INBOUND2021

Getting Ready for INBOUND22: 10 Highlights From INBOUND2021

INBOUND22 is less than a week away and we are beyond excited to be attending it live in Boston. Part of the Insynth team will be in Boston all week, from the 5th to the 9th of September, to make the most of one of the biggest and most expected marketing events of the year. And, if you are also attending INBOUND22, drop us a message. We would love to meet you there! In the meantime, here are some of the main highlights from INBOUND2021!

This year, INBOUND22 is hybrid, allowing for anyone to join all around the globe, which means that you can also attend from the comfort of your office or your own home! If you are still making your mind up about whether INBOUND22 is right for you, we have made a summary of ten of the talks that we found the most helpful from last year.

10 Highlights from INBOUND2021

#INBOUND2021: Email Myths Busted! What's Really Working Now

#1 email Myths Busted! What's Really Working Now

Email marketing guru, Jay Schwedelson, delighted attendees at Inbound with his up-to-date insights on what was really working in 2021 and what tactics were creating the perfect recipe for email marketing success. To better communicate these trends, Jay provided data-driven facts about email marketing that you could easily apply to your building product brand.

Since then, we have actually applied some of these tactics, both internally and with clients, seeing significant improvements and achieving higher open-rates, click-rates, and reply-rates. What are you waiting for?



what is cyclical lead nurturing

#2 What is Cyclical Lead Nurturing?

Mike K. Tatum’s talk was one of the sessions we were looking forward to in INBOUND2021. Mike K. Tatum is Demand Generation Manager at Momentive, the former Survey Monkey, and, in his talk “Keep Inbound Leads Engaged With a Continuous Cycle of Lead Nurturing Workflows”, he went over his sophisticated ecosystem of lead nurturing automation.

These workflows automatically keep leads engaged and warm no matter where they are in the funnel (or in the flywheel!). Mike revealed all the secrets about the system he uses to build campaigns from scratch and through which he has brought succeed to SurveyMonkey and other SaaS companies he has worked with. In fact, first time he tested out his system, he witnessed an increase of 1,170% in new customers per month! 



#3 Killer SEO Strategies Through Product Design Methodology

Tony Verre, VP at The Integer Group, gave fantastic presentation on delivering next-level SEO strategies by applying product design methodologies to our search processes – creating a content experience that thrives! Tony Verre has 12 years of SEO and digital marketing experience. In this time Tony has created and executed digital, SEO and eCommerce strategy for a number of the Top Fortune 100.

Google consistently highlights the importance of the user experience and content quality within our websites. A recent update has shown how winning-search is now dependent on simultaneously developing a strong brand alongside curating an amazing content experience.



#INBOUND2021: Email Subject Lines Vs. Email Content

#4 Email Subject Lines vS. Email Content

What matters most? Getting your email opened or getting the recipient to click through. A click is one step closer to a sale or registration and is a more important engagement than just an opened email - that is not debatable. We were honoured to attend a  discussion from Courtney DagherJay Schwedelson, and Nancy Harhut on what is truly driving the undeniable success of email marketing. 

The 30-minute debate flew by, but it was packed with information and great insights from both sides. The consensus really is, both are important and they both go hand in hand. You need subject lines to get opens, but you need great email content for conversions.



Is Your Business Really Customer-Centric?

#5 Is Your Business Really Customer-Centric?

Kim Orlesky has continuously been named as one of the top sales leaders to follow, with LinkedIn considering her their most influential sales authority! She has also been awarded prizes including Startup Canada's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year and Success Magazine’s Most Inspirational Blogger.  For her contribution to INBOUND2021, she led the virtual presentation “30 Virtual Selling Trends in 30 Minutes”.

She pointed out that the key to virtual sales is in customer satisfaction metrics and customer retention rates! For 40% of companies, customer satisfaction is now a much stronger priority, which is prompting businesses to put strategies in place to boost that number. 89% of companies were likely to change their methodology in the near future to reflect this!



How Your Construction Marketing Strategy Can Optimise Video

#6 How Your Construction Marketing Strategy Can Optimise Video?

 Tyler Lessard, Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard kicked off the session by explaining that video was there to stay! In a post-pandemic world, businesses have been using video for real-time conversations to connect and keep in contact with prospects and clients. But very few businesses know how to make and share professional videos to deliver their key messages across to prospects and clients.

Tyler provided some metrics that clearly pointed out that using video in sales strategy had already significantly impacted business sales. Whilst video has a misconception of being inefficient and time-consuming, 59% of teams said their overall productivity had increased due to shorter deal cycles by using video efficiently to save time.




#7 LinkedIn Organic vS LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Professionals AJ Wilcox and Michaela Alexis, spoke about the different approaches to reaching the customer and getting the best bang for your buck. The duo were split over who should be using Ads and Organic.

Michaela, who was very much in the corner of organic posting admits that, very obviously, organic is for anybody on LinkedIn. There’s no cost and anybody can set up an account. However, when it comes to Ads, AJ mentions that because of the relative ad price, by comparison, it’s limited to those businesses who are willing to put a significant investment behind it.



#Inbound2021 Is Your Construction Business Accessible Enough?

#8 Is Your Construction Business Accessible Enough?

Alisa Smith is an Accessibility Evangelist at Audioeye, inc with over 20 years of experience in design development and quality assurance to make the web accessible to as many people as possible. What does an accessibility evangelist do?  In Alisa’s terms, she conducts training for accessibility, tests websites, researches and surveys people on accessibility.

She then writes educational and informative blogs about sharing online and provides analysis for Audioeye. In INBOUND2021, she made sure "inclusivity" was an important topic of discussion, which we have then furthered into our every-day activity.


#INBOUND 2021: Purpose-Driven SEO - A Modern SEO Strategy

#9 Purpose-Driven SEO

Dale Bertrand presented his step-by-step playbook on how to apply a purpose-driven SEO strategy for your building product business’s website to generate high-quality organic visitors. While you should emphasise your building product's primary benefits and features on its product pages, don't stop there. For boosting visitors to your website, product page SEO is a goldmine.

Your product pages are the ideal place to use SEO keywords, phrases, and tactics to boost your Google search rating. Know who you're talking to. Think about what your building product target audience is interested in. Speak their language and simplify your findings to simply the information. If you put in the time to apply this modern SEO strategy, you'll notice a significant improvement in your website's click-through rates, engagement, and, of course, rankings.



sucess stories

#10 6 HubSpot Success Stories You Need to Read

Throughout the conference, we had the chance to hear first-hand some of the success stories companies have been able to to experience when adding HubSpot to their tech stack. Operations, Sales, Marketing, Service... regardless of the pain, HubSpot had a solution for these companies that were looking for a platform that would allow them to have a single source of truth.

  • Frank Loughan and Kari Fairbanks, Vice President and National Sales and Marketing Operations Manager of ARC Document Solutions, respectively, shared their experience switching the CRM of an international company with over 2,000 employees
  • João Dobbin and Adriano Brito, Business Operations & Strategy Manager and Principal Business System Analyst at Rock Content, respectively, went over their journey to adopt HubSpot’s CRM to increase their annual revenue by 650% and grow their leads by 77.6%.
  • Haley Irwin and Amita Balla, Digital and Marketing Technology Director and West Coast Director of Sales at Crunch Fitness, respectively, spoke on Thursday about how HubSpot helped them align their sales, marketing, and service teams across 385 franchises and sport centres! 
  • Remington Begg, Chief Remarkable Officer at Impulse Creative, explained how implementing HubSpot Payments helped them provide a higher-quality customers experience.
  • Amy Hayward, Digital Marketing Manager at the Cayman Islands Government explained how they decided to invest in new technologies to improve the availability and the quality of their website during the COVID19 pandemic, particularly throughout their lockdowns, with customers relying more on than ever in online resources and real-time governmental updates.

  • Seth Waite, CEO of Handled, shared how they were able to grow their business from 0 to 121 locations by focusing on delivering an excellent customer experience.



What Should You Expect from INBOUND22?


We are beyond excited to be attending INBOUND22 live in Boston this year. We will be providing coverage live from the conference sessions on our blog and on our LinkedIn profiles, sharing useful tips, tricks, and the latest industry trends impacting inbound marketing. We really cannot wait! 

Some of the talks that we are looking forward too are, of course, those by former US President Barack Obama, Tony/Oscar/Emmy award winning actress Viola Davis, and activist Jane Goodall. There are other keynotes that we will be seeing again, like Mike K. Tatum, or Jay Schwedelson! 

If you do not have time to follow the biggest marketing conference of the year, we are here for you. Subscribe to our blog and get the latest updates from INBOUND22!


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