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Digital PR: What Content Should Your Building Product Brand Use?

Digital PR: What Content Should Your Building Product Brand Use?

Digital PR for your building product might seem like the last bastion of marketing to explore, but there’s plenty of reason to dip more than just a construction sized toe in.

Beyond helping raise brand awareness and getting in front of your target audience, digital PR can have huge advantages for your SEO, Google rankings and overall website visibility.

While that might have sparked an interest, the next question you’re probably frantically formulating in your mind’s eye is ‘well, what should my digital PR be?’.

Good question, and it’s not as obvious as you once thought.

As part of our digital PR within the construction sector topic, we’re making sure to highlight all of the content that can be used for this marketing tactic, opening your eyes to the gold mine you might already be sitting on.

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Digital PR Content: What Used To Be Common?

There’s the old saying, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

While not strictly true, when it comes to your building product business, any opportunity to get your name in industry magazines or local papers is going to help lift you above your competitors.

You see, the common misconception is that PR is about managing the media, spinning news stories for celebrity X or Y and getting column inches. While this is an approach for celebrities' pre-social media and the hay-days of the tabloid press, digital PR is simply getting your stories in front of your audience and beyond.

You may have worked at businesses where the local press turns up to write a story about a charity fun run your team were doing or attended exhibitions where media companies were interviewing exhibitors. These are all forms of digital PR, and while not necessarily bringing value to your customer they help increase your building product’s brand awareness.

But the former is exactly what you want to do.

Bringing value to your customer puts you in the position of a trusted advisor, but what content helps you do this?


Digital PR Content For Your Building Products

The simple answer is ‘everything you have in hand’. But bear in mind if you’re working with a content marketing agency, they will have created potentially hundreds of unique blogs, case studies, news stories and long-form thought leadership pieces for your digital PR campaign.

Let’s explore more.

1: Building Product Business News Story

One of the quickest, most accessible, and easiest ways to have published forms of construction digital PR is a news story.

Has your business just invested in new technology? Are you launching a new building product? Are you announcing a new partnership with an industry-leading name?

Creating a short 200–300-word news story summarising this can be used not only in the local media but in construction industry-focused publications, too.


2: Construction Case Studies

How is your ideal customer supposed to know that your building product is ideal for them without having any case studies? Not only are they a vital component to the content on your website, but using them as digital PR pieces can bring value to you and your customers.

Using the permission of your customers, you can put together a very simple explanation of the problems your building product helped solve within their project. You might also want to ask to use quotes helping to reinforce the content.

Then you can distribute this into associated publications or between you and the customer, helping gain those valuable backlinks.


3: Thought Leadership Pieces

The content that goes the furthest but is usually the most difficult to share and produce is thought leadership pieces.

You’re probably sitting on tonnes of blogs exploring regulations within your corner of the construction industry, the 5 best products to use on a specific project or a guide that helps architects and specifiers better understand your product.

The beauty with this content is that despite it being of value to fewer publications, the value it can bring to your potential customers is going to be huge.

Spending the time refining this content and lining up with magazines and websites focusing on that specific topic may take longer but is sure to help raise the value of your building product brand.


What Content Have You Got For Digital PR?

The reality is that any of your content can be used for digital PR. If you’ve spent time creating something, it’s important to make sure you explore all the opportunities that it can provide.

Digital marketing doesn’t need to stop at uploading content to your website. Getting it over to industry publications, newspapers and even your customers' and suppliers’ websites it’s a great way to not only build brand awareness, but boost those Google rankings, too.

Do you have content, or need some creating? Looking to distribute it among publications your customers are reading? Speak to our team and create a digital PR plan that works for you.

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