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Customer Experience

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What is Customer Experience (CX)


How construction and building product brands choose to interact with specifiers, contractors and their wider audience set a precedent for whether someone should ever interact with that brand again. 
CX refers to how businesses interact with their customers at every point of their buying/specifier journey — from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. It is essentially the most important part of your business.

your untapped CX potential


WIDE CX Diminishing Returns 

Here is a chart showing the results of effective and ineffective CX. Here are two identical businesses generating 1000 new customers per year. However, the blue bars signify a company that loses 5% of its customers per year, and the orange represents a business that squanders 25%. 

Although both businesses generate the same levels of new business, the difference in customer retention affects oranges growth significantly more. As a result, orange will spend more money to generate the same levels of growth that blue achieves simply by a loyal customer base. Does this sound familiar?

With an effective CX strategy, you could maximise your growth by building on a foundation you already have.

How To Fix Broken CX

An ineffective CX strategy is losing you an unimaginable amount of money, especially as construction is mainly project-based.

To counter this, we take a pragmatic approach to improving your CX, consisting of 3 main phases: auditing, CRM implementation and strategy & consultancy.

These 3 phases are broad, but we've broken them down into six ingredients you can implement straight away for free! That video will tell you all about it😊👉



So, How Much Does A CX Strategy Cost?

Typical CX strategies can take multiple years and various agencies, costing you hundreds of thousands and, in some cases, millions. As a full-service construction marketing agency, we offer all the services you need in one place, and because of this, we maintain a fair price.


Although we work with businesses with smaller or larger budgets we'd normally suggest a budget starting around £1,500 - £2,000 for a standard CX strategy. This budget will encompass the 3 main phases of your CX implementation and strategy. 


1) Audit. We conduct a comprehensive audit into your current CX to identify opportunities and areas for development.

2) CRM. Implementing the HubSpot CRM increases marketing intelligence and cohesion throughout your offering.

4) Strategy & Consultancy. We will guide you and your workforce to an optimised CX strategy.


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