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10 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow In 2021

10 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow In 2021

Keeping up with the right construction marketing influencers and the latest trends will help set you apart from other building product manufacturers in this era of digital transformation.

I’ve scoured through social media to find such individuals and organisations for you to follow; 5 game-changing individuals and 5 industry-shaking organisations. Here’s our 10 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow in 2021!


5 game-changing individuals


#1 Leigh Simpson – Founder and CEO, Insynth Marketing and Project Prospecta

Leigh Simpson

Leigh is a digital construction marketing wizard with over 30 years experience in construction marketing. His experience in construction with his drive to revolutionise marketing in the construction industry has given birth to ground-breaking organisations such as Project Prospecta, an automated tool developed specifically to help construction companies use Barbour ABI and Insynth Marketing! Leigh has great ambitions for 2021 and with his own building product brand turning over record revenue attributed to search in 2020, he's a must follow in 2021!


#2 Simon Rhodes – Sales Director, Barbour ABI

Simon Rhodes

Simon Rhodes is the Sales Director at Barbour ABI which is an expert provider of market insight and intelligence for the built environment community for built environment specialists. With over 25 years of experience and an innovative mindset, Simon is a must-follow for 2021, he’s the latest venture sees him teaming up with Project Prospecta, which is a game-changer within itself.


#3 Christine Williamson – Founder, Building Science Fight Club

Christine Williamson

Pink. Construction. Unapologetic.

Christine has spent her career in building science forensics, discovering why buildings fail and working with architects to rectify those issues improving the durability, comfort, and energy efficiency of buildings. She takes a seemingly mundane subject and repackages it, turning it into educational and engaging content. She doesn’t have 60k followers for no reason! Christine is a must-follow!


#4 Su Butcher - Owner, UK Construction

Su Butcher

Su manages UK Construction, a Twitter account devoted to following UK Construction People. They also have a newspaper which is to be updated on a regular basis. There are also opportunities to feature as a guest blogger in their articles.


#5 Lem Bingley – Editor, Construction Marketing

Lem Bingley

Having worked for Construction News for the past year, Bingley is the leader of innovating the CN online brand while maintaining its journalistic standard. Bingley has worked in a variety of roles in his 25-year career in journalism therefore he brings with him knowledge and an authentic perspective. 2021 will be an exciting one for Bingley and Construction News.


5 industry-shaking organisations


#1 Barbour ABI

Barbour ABI

Now I’m sure most, if not all of you reading this will be aware of Barbour ABI… But just in case you're not, Barbour ABI is a leading provider of commercially relevant insights and trends within the building construction industry and being the selected provider of industry data for the Government, Barbour ABI is a serious player in UK Construction and one you should follow.


#2 Project Prospecta

Project Prospecta

Project Prospecta is a marketing tool designed exclusively for Barbour ABI customers. They help building product businesses sieve through an unimaginable amount of data to find suitable leads and qualify them through the latest marketing technology and automation methods. Project Prospecta is a game-changer and if you're are a Barbour ABI customer it could potentially save you a lot of time and generate a large number of qualified leads! 


#3 Construction News

Construction News

Construction News is the UK's leading construction news magazine. They are particularly active on LinkedIn and Twitter, and have a very well developed website. Follow Construction News to ultimately stay up to date on UK construction.


#4 The Construction Index

Construction Index

The Construction Index is the leading construction search engine in the UK, they scour through the construction industry to provide products and services from thousands of construction companies across the UK and the best part about it? It’s free to access, with no subscription required!


#5 Construction Dive

Construction Dive

Have you ever felt overloaded trying to stay up to date with construction through various media outlets? Well, Construction Dive solves this problem. Construction Dive is an online & mobile dashboard that features the latest construction news, trends, & insights on a variety of topics pertaining to the construction industry. A new, simple, and easy way to stay up to date.


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Social media is more times than not an overlooked area in the construction industry, specifically because other areas seemingly drive more leads.

However, when looking at construction influencers like Christine Williamson she is able to reach and convert a substantial amount of leads directly from her social media while others like Project Prospecta use social media as an avenue to share useful and actionable information directly to you... So, social media isn't completely useless!

Keeping up with game-changers like Christine, Project Prospecta and the other influencers on this list could offer great insights into how to progress your own building product brand in 2021.

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