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How To Promote Your Building Products Business On Social Media

How To Promote Your Building Products Business On Social Media

How To Promote Your Building Products Business On Social Media digital marketing construction marketing Insynth


Social media can be a great platform to promote your business and its content. However people still have doubts about it. Social media isn't a fad or a phase and it continues to be a big part of companies marketing strategy.

This blog looks at 5 ways you can promote your building products business through social media. Read on to discover new ways of approaching social media and how you could increase engagement.

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Using Case Studies or Testimonials To Promote

People love to see progress of projects, especially when they can be as grand as icon buildings. Its easier for people to relate to you as a company and your product if they have similarities.

For example if you’re working on a project that includes an educational building, an architect that’s following you might resonate as he’s currently working on a university campus project.

Engagement is higher when people can relate.

Although the architect is half way through a project and already has supplier for the solution you provide, they may consider you when they next work on an educational project.

Testimonials are great on social media as people can tag your company in a post which you can then share. You can also tag (or mention) people or other companies that you’ve worked with.

This then gives people the opportunity to click in and inspect further, giving them confidence in you as a company.


Sharing Valuable Content

If you’re creating great content such as educational blogs, informative E-books and building up a portfolio of previous jobs then make sure you’re sharing them on social media.

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Companies are guilty of talking about themselves a lot as that’s what they know. However to market your company successfully, not just on social media but in general, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

Think about the struggles they have, what concerns them and the pain points they experience when shopping around for your specific solution.

By doing this you can identify what content would be helpful and provide it to them. A lot of people believe that price is the reason people choose specific companies but this isn’t always the case.

People will most likely pick a company that they trust to carry out the job well, especially when it’s high risk like the building products industry.

By providing informative content you become the experts in your field, so you’ll be perceived as the leader within your sector.


Paid Ads

Paid ads can provide a high reach quickly. However it will obviously cost you money and isn’t a long term solution.

Facebook ads tend to be the cheapest, but you can advertise on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The key to running a successful paid campaign on social is really understanding who your audience are before you set it up.

When setting up an ad on social it gives you the option to select, age, location, interests and more. So having this knowledge about your customers will increase your chances of reaching them.

However if you don’t segment your audience and your target audience is 'everyone' then you’ll be wasting your money.

Paid ads can work really well if your business is location dependent, they can also support marketing campaigns.

The key to paying for ads is to have a plan and stick to it. Some people get hooked on paid ads as of course the traffic increases. This is only temporary and as soon as you decide to stop spending the money the traffic stops.

Its unhealthy to rely on pay per click for website traffic as it isn’t sustainable and will eventually burnout. This is why we are huge advocates of content marketing, as its an achievable long term plan.

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The majority if not all social media platforms offer analytics to give you an insight on things such as:

  • How many people your post has reached
  • How many people have engaged with your post
  • Your best performing post that month
  • How many people clicked the link on your post

This gives you the knowledge to test and trial when you post things so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of it.

For example if you always tweet at what you think is rush hour, people are on the commute home between 5-6pm then switch things up. Try it early morning or at lunchtime and see if it performs better.

Keep doing this until you find the best performing time for your content.

You could even investigate further and trial different content at different times. People might not have time to read a full blog at lunchtime but they do on their commute in the morning at 7am.


Use Video

Video is on the rise, with people's attention spans shortening it’s becoming difficult to engage with people on social media. Many people don’t even read posts so images and video could be the way forward.

On a lot of social media platforms video starts to play as you scroll down without you even having to click on it.

You might be wondering how can I use video on social but there's so many opportunities.

Testimonials is one of the most effective as a lot of the time people don’t trust a quote on a website and a name as quite frankly you could have made it up.

Whereas a video of someone talking about the project and giving their opinion on the product or service you provide is gold.

It shows the person exists, is in fact real and you can read so much from a persons body language and tone so you’ll know its genuine.

If you’ve got a message about new products, why not use video to create awareness. People are put off by big chunks of text but would quite happily someone read out the information whilst they watch a video.



When it comes to promoting your company and content on social media there's a variety of options. Unfortunately there's no one answer as one size definitely doesn't fit all.

This is why social media requires your time as its not just creating posts but its analysing them and continuously testing new times and content.

If you need help with managing your social media for your building products company, get in touch today.

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