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5 Social Media Trends You Must Know For 2023

By Alex Miles on 18-Nov-2022 10:51:40

2023 is just around the corner!

And with a new year comes new trends to follow and and utilise in our marketing strategy.

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5 Construction Instagram Accounts to Add To Your Feed

By Alex Miles on 28-Oct-2022 11:59:27

In the past year we have covered our top construction accounts for LinkedIn and TikTok, this time we will be covering Instagram.

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Top 5 Construction TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

By Alex Miles on 07-Oct-2022 11:46:59

TikTok has come a long way since its global release in 2018, it’s safe to say you can find a TikTok account and videos for every industry and major business in the UK. There are still many businesses that haven’t fully adopted TikTok in their marketing strategy, as the app isn’t taken as seriously due to the misconception of being a “dance app.” But those who have, show their success through their high number of followers and engagement.

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Video Marketing: 5 Tips For Social Media

By Alex Miles on 12-Jul-2022 11:39:00

When it comes to video marketing, you might automatically think of high-end advertisements on the TV, YouTube Ads. or even the kind of overproduced content that pops out of nowhere when you use social media... 

But that is about to change!

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[Webinar Summary] Fearless On TikTok: Find Your Confidence

By Sandy Bassi on 30-Jun-2022 16:16:31

Live From #FearlessOnTikTok

TikTok has more than 1 billion active users per month and is still growing. Is this something your building product business is taking advantage of?

Hootsuite hosted an interactive, 3-day webinar packed with expert knowledge, polls and advice. Missed it? Don’t worry, here’s a run down to help your building product business become fearless on TikTok…

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Why Building Product Companies Should Take TikTok Seriously

By Alex Miles on 22-Apr-2022 10:45:00

TikTok was immensely popular during the pandemic. Most of us (I know I did) enjoyed the lightheartedness of the app and found many content creators that provided entertainment for us whilst in lockdown.

But the playful nature of the platform has meant that it hasn't been taken as seriously by building product companies as it should be.

So, here are 5 reasons why your building product company should take TikTok seriously.

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TikTok Advice for Building Product Companies

By Sandy Bassi on 25-Feb-2022 10:00:00

TikTok is used by everyone from celebrities to teenagers – but how beneficial is TikTok for building product companies?

On the surface, the platform appears to be a place for funny lip-sync videos rather than a platform for building product businesses and services.

However, small businesses have a lot of potential to use TikTok to reach out to their customers in a fun, authentic and creative way. Here are some stats:

Read on to discover some TikTok advice to get started for your building product company…

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25 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow In 2022

By Alex Miles on 27-Jan-2022 14:15:00

Back by popular demand! Here is the new list of construction marketing influencers you need to follow in 2022.

2022 has seen an upsurge in the popularity of social media in construction, and with this comes the increased popularity of construction influencers, the people we all flock to for advice, inspiration or perhaps a bit of entertainment. 

I’ve scoured social media to find 25 trailblazing individuals for you to follow.

Please note, this list is in no particular order, just awesome construction professionals.

Here is our 25 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow in 2022!

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[TOP 5] The Best Social Media Platforms For Construction Companies

By Ainhoa Rodriguez-Muguruza on 05-Oct-2021 10:15:00

HubSpot reedited their State of Marketing 2021 report last August to include data related to the UK market, making it more relevant for businesses operating at a country-level. The report opened with an unbeatable headline: social media has been the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021 with 8 in every 10 companies investing in their social presence.

But, how accurate is that data for manufacturers and construction companies?

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How Tik-Tok Is Affecting Your Construction Marketing Strategy

By Bea Park on 04-Aug-2021 15:09:47

Tik-Tok the Chinese video-sharing platform gripping Generation Z, gained mass publicity in the first lockdown all those months ago. It had everything from home workouts, banana bread tutorials and dance routines that got the whole family involved. But why on earth does this affect not only the way we consume information but your construction marketing strategy?

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Marketing Channels: How To Promote Your Business To Drive Lead Generation

By Henry Jones on 11-Mar-2021 11:30:00

Lead generation is the backbone of a growing business. Ensuring the continued growth of customers and profits can be structured using the 7 pillars of lead generation. Each pillar must be supported by the rest to create a solid, well rounded strategy.

Pillar 3 is marketing channels, it describes how to promote, present and push your business so you’re delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time. To get the most out of each channel, learn how to create quality content designed for lead generation.

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Social Media Trends To Drive Your 2021 Construction Marketing Strategy

By Sandy Bassi on 06-Jan-2021 10:13:40

Nobody could have predicted the rise in social media usage throughout 2020, as customers turned to social platforms in order to stay connected (and entertained) during the pandemic.

Here are some statistics that were found in 2020:

  • In July, Hootsuite found that there were 96 billion active social media users worldwide
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform
  • 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their businesses.

[2021 UPDATE] HubSpot reedited their State of Marketing 2021 report last August to include data related to the UK market, making it more relevant for businesses operating at a country-level. The report opened with an unbeatable headline: social media has been the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021 with 8 in every 10 companies investing in their social presence.

But what does this mean for your building product business, and for the construction industry as a whole? Read on to find out more...

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10 Construction Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow In 2021

By Dorian Wallace on 25-Dec-2020 16:45:00

Keeping up with the right construction marketing influencers and the latest trends will help set you apart from other building product manufacturers in this era of digital transformation.

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Construction Marketing Time Saving Tools

By Josh Simpson on 03-Jul-2020 08:50:02

Working in digital marketing for around a month now, I have learnt that time is one of your businesses most valuable assets. After all, time is money, and the more money you bring in as revenue, the more likely you are to be profitable. Therefore going off that, time leads to profits, right? That’s why you need to use your time wisely and in the right areas, so why wouldn’t you want to save time wherever you can?

There’s an endless amount of different software that can help you save time, from CRM systems, to social media scheduling, or even easy to use graphic design software. After working in digital marketing, I’ve been able to learn how to use these different software and now use them on a regular basis, showing just how easy they are to use, if somebody with no experience can pick it up, and effectively use these systems. All of which are designed with one goal in mind, to save you time in your business.

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THE APPRENTICE: Insynth Edition

By Josh Simpson on 19-Jun-2020 09:04:04

As more building products and construction companies become more educated on the Inbound marketing methodology, Insynth is pleased to welcome our new Digital Marketing apprenticeJosh Simpsonto the ever-growing team. 

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major on construction marketing, Insynth is leading the way with the latest inbound marketing techniques and welcomes this opportunity to help develop individuals' professional skills further. 

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Bouncing Back: How To Reach Your Audience

By Rich Newsome on 28-May-2020 13:16:52

The proportion of construction workers furloughed has fallen below 25 per cent, according to research from Build UK this week, highlighting a slow return to normality within the industry.

As construction sites begin this long and challenging process, this blog aims to give your building products company some useful tips to help reach out to your audience. Right now, communication is key if you want to gain specification with those decision-makers in the industry. Read on to find out more.

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How To Bounce Back Using Social Media

By Olivia Atkinson on 22-May-2020 09:48:51

Social media is a powerful tool and a crucial part of your bouncing back,strategy. Some companies struggle to make quick changes to their website or create notices letting visitors know if they’re open or not. Social media can be posted on in seconds, allowing you to effectively and consistently communicate to your audience.

Read on to find out what content to share on social media at this time and how to use it to inform your audience on the latest updates.

Download The Definitive Guide To Social Media

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How To Utilise Social Media During Covid-19

By Olivia Atkinson on 24-Apr-2020 10:22:17

Customers are researching brands more heavily online and initiating more online interaction with businesses today than they were a year ago. Part of researching is checking out the companies social media accounts and their website to get a feel for what they’re about.

Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage due to Covid-19, this can’t be ignored.

This is why your social media activity shouldn’t be put on pause at this time. You may need to adapt and tweak the way you approach it and the language you use but it shouldn’t be stopped all together.

We’ll take a look at how you can adjust your social media posts with a tone of voice that will resonate the most with your audience.

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5 Reasons Why Your Building Products Site Isn’t Showing Up On Google

By Rich Newsome on 23-Jan-2020 14:00:01

There’s nothing more frustrating than your website not showing up on Google when you type in a particular keyword.

You spend so much time improving your website’s content; you’ve got an attractive website; you’re promoting your brand in the best light.

Yet, when you’re sat there, ready to rake in all the traffic…

Nothing happens. No increase. No ROI.

For construction marketers who are new to digital marketing, this can be disheartening. Fear not, however. There could be one of five reasons why you’re not finding your building products website on Google. This post aims to identify them.

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Social Media Marketing For Your Building Product And Construction Companies

By Olivia Atkinson on 17-Dec-2019 14:42:33

Social media can be a huge part of companies marketing efforts, contributing to brand awareness, increased traffic and lead generation. There is no one way that will work for every single company as they differ so much, especially in the building products sector.

However, there are best practises and techniques that have proven successful for companies in the past that we are sharing with you. To get an even deeper insight - download our definitive guide to social media.

Kick-start your marketing efforts, if you're feeling sceptical then trial a few suggestions, you've got nothing to lose.

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Construction Marketing Strategies: Why Inbound Works For Building Products

By Leigh Simpson on 28-Nov-2019 09:29:13

Post Grenfell, the attitude around specification has become more stringent and cautious, with legislators and specifiers alike demanding greater reassurance about the performance, safety and provenance from the materials that are being used in construction.

So how does this impact your construction marketing strategies and why does Inbound Marketing become the ideal method of adapting to this change?

Topics: Content Marketing SEO Website Social Media Inbound Marketing
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Be Part Of Our Upcoming Construction Marketing Blogs

By Leigh Simpson on 14-Nov-2019 16:38:56

We want your opinion of the marketing channels and resources you love and find most useful for promoting your building product brand.

We’re kicking off a series of blogs about building awareness amongst specifiers and installers in the building product space.  Rather than just giving you a bland overview of “what the experts say”, we thought it would be great to get your thoughts too.

To get featured, all you need to do is pick the blog, or blogs, that you want to be included in, follow the link and answer a couple of questions.  Leave us your website URL and Twitter/LinkedIn handle and we’ll drop a nice backlink into the blog for you and mention you in our social promotion.

We’re looking forward to you sharing your knowledge with our audience. Don’t be shy.

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Discover Just How Effective Visuals Are On Social Media With These 7 Stats

By Olivia Atkinson on 26-Sep-2019 16:34:42

Hopefully you’re aware of how impactful images and videos are from your own experiences on social media. However are you mirroring this when scheduling your social media for your company?

Understanding just how impactful visuals can be and how they increase conversion rates is key to ensuring you’re engaging with your target audience on social media.

Below are 7 stats on how visuals are received on social media and how they effect the viewers behaviour.

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How To Convert Social Media Followers To Buyers

By Olivia Atkinson on 30-Aug-2019 10:03:53

Many companies struggle to justify time spent on social media as they can’t see a ROI.

Depending on your business, especially in the building materials sector it can be hard to see how social media contributes to your sales.

As the products are a higher risk due to price, the nature of the product and how long they can be booked in for with companies, social media is an opportunity to reassure.

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Why You Should Be Measuring And Analysing Your Construction Content

By Rich Newsome on 15-Aug-2019 09:10:54

Colleagues want facts and figures. They want measurable and profitable results.

What evidence do you have that your content marketing efforts are successful? This information  will allow you to see if the content you’ve invested so much time on producing is actually working, and most importantly, whether it’s driving sales.

Topics: Content Marketing SEO Social Media
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How To Re-Purpose Blogs For Building Products Social Media

By Olivia Atkinson on 13-Aug-2019 15:47:19

If you’re actively creating content for blogs, you may struggle to find the time to create new content for social media too. When creating content, its quality over quantity so you might have spent a lot of your valuable time on writing a blog.

To ensure you get the most out of your blog content, below are a few tips on how you can re-use material to create social media posts.

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5 Social Media Mistakes Your Building Products Business Might Be Making

By Olivia Atkinson on 08-Aug-2019 14:46:45

Normally its highlighted what you should do when it comes to social media rather than what you shouldn’t do. However most of you will resonate more with common mistakes that have turned into habits when promoting on social media.

If you don’t have the right strategy and plan your content on social media you risk alienating your audience.

Social media is a huge opportunity to engage and interact with your audience. If you don’t dominate the space within your specific sector then someone else will.

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Create Less And Promote More Content For Your Building Products Company

By Rich Newsome on 06-Aug-2019 12:53:03

The Importance Of Content Promotion

Content promotion refers to the distribution of content through a variety of media channels. These include social media networks, blogs, emails, and live events, to name a few.

A common viewpoint shared by many is the notion that you should create less and promote more. We understand the weight of this argument. What’s the point, for example, in organising a birthday party without promoting it? No one would turn up.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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Social Media Content For Building Material Companies

By Olivia Atkinson on 30-Jul-2019 11:51:30

Social media is essential for the building product industry as the products can be a big investment.

It gives prospects another platform to get a feel for your company and an opportunity for companies to show why they're the experts in their field.

It can be a challenge to create content that's right for social media, read on to find out how.

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5 Social Media Tips For Construction Marketing

By Olivia Atkinson on 25-Jul-2019 08:04:00

Unfortunately with social media there’s no one answer or technique that suits all companies. Successful social media campaigns vary due to a number of factors as well as the company itself and its target audience.

Specifically for the building products industry are 5 tips that contribute to having a successful social media campaign.

Read on to find out more...

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How To Promote Your Building Products Business On Social Media

By Olivia Atkinson on 16-Jul-2019 15:05:00


Social media can be a great platform to promote your business and its content. However people still have doubts about it. Social media isn't a fad or a phase and it continues to be a big part of companies marketing strategy.

This blog looks at 5 ways you can promote your building products business through social media. Read on to discover new ways of approaching social media and how you could increase engagement.

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Why Social Media Is Essential For The Construction Industry

By Olivia Atkinson on 11-Jul-2019 11:01:00

The first reason to be on social media is because its free. The only cost is time; having someone who manages it. You can invest in tech to make things easier but a lot of tools and schedulers are free to use anyway. As it’s free it means that everybody’s on it, which in turn means there’s a lot of competition.

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Social Media: What Drives Sharing Of Online Digital Content?

By Olivia Atkinson on 19-Jun-2019 17:10:31

There are many social media tips, tricks and tactics to ensure your content gets shared and eventually goes ‘viral’. Through producing content for social media, its ultimately every businesses goal for that content to be seen by as many people as possible.

Other than paying for exposure through paid ads or magazine and directories, the only other way your content will get shared is if it’s great.

What one person might perceive as great might be boring and un-engaging to another. This is why we’re going to take a deeper look into the reasons behind why people share content.

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Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for Building Product Brands

By Olivia Atkinson on 13-Jun-2019 17:15:56

When it comes to using social media for construction marketing there are few tips on how to ensure you're doing it right. 

Social media is not a phase, it's here to stay so make sure you know how to get the most out of it with these marketing strategies for building product companies.

Topics: Social Media
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4 Social Media Techniques That Are Dominating 2019

By Olivia Atkinson on 24-May-2019 11:24:20

Social media is an ever-changing platform that continues to create new ways to engage with our customers effectively.  On average we spend 2 hours 22 minutes on social media platforms a day.

This can't be ignored, so make sure your content stands out, grabs peoples attention and makes an impact. With so much time spent on social media, our attention span is decreasing. This makes it an even bigger challenge so we've got 4 social media techniques that are dominating in 2019.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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Construction Marketing: Proven Content Strategies - Part 2

By Olivia Atkinson on 17-Apr-2019 16:44:21


Part 1 discussed how important creating content for your specific audience is and platforms in which you can not only create awareness of your brand but also understand pain points within the sector.

Part 2 focuses on social media, engaging with your audience,  influencers, paid ads and getting a professional to create your content for you.

Many of these promotional strategies overlap and interlink so try and do them together rather than picking one and focusing on one thing.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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The Tech To Supercharge Your Construction Marketing Strategy

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 13-Feb-2019 17:06:10

With digital and smart technologies changing that we live our lives, the construction industry is set to experience some swift changes in order to adapt to the way that buyers are now researching and making purchase decisions.

To keep up with the trends set to sweep the building products industry, your construction marketing strategy should encompass several key elements that are changing the way that prospects are converted into customers.  

Read on to find out more...

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media MarTech Inbound Marketing
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Tech Stack Essentials For Construction Marketing

By Olivia Atkinson on 08-Feb-2019 09:07:01

The building products industry is renowned for being traditional when it comes to marketing and not getting on board with new technologies. This makes it ideal for you to get ahead of the curve and start implicating these tools today.

A well performing marketing stack will improve communication, efficiency, productivity and increase the knowledge you have on your customers. Allowing you to target and nurture your leads with the right content at the right time, ensuring you are providing the best service in your sector.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media MarTech
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Construction Marketing Goals For 2019

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 28-Jan-2019 10:04:28

It’s a new year! It’s time to take a step back, review how the last year has gone for your building products company and begin to put together your new goals for your team to strive towards.

Choosing the right marketing goals for your business ensures that your teams are working towards achievable, realistic targets that will help drive growth for the company as a whole.

Insynth have been blogging about some of the best construction marketing goals that you can you include in your strategy for 2019 and how they can help you to grow and thrive in the new year!

Read on to find out more…

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Top 9 Sales & Marketing Technology Trends In 2019 For Building Products

By Olivia Atkinson on 17-Jan-2019 18:18:00

The building products industry has a reputation of being very traditional in its marketing approach and relativity cautious about adopting new technology.

This presents an opportunity for more adventurous brands to seize the intuitive and steal the march on their competitors by taking advantage of latest tech to help them better engage with the market.

Listed below are 9 trends and new technologies which you could take advantage of in 2019 to grow your business.

Topics: Content Marketing SEO Social Media MarTech
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Beyond Digital: A Seminar To Grow Your Building Products Brand

By Charlotte McCormac on 16-Oct-2018 14:27:59

Today, Insynth met with marketing and sales executives from construction companies across the UK for a seminar hosted by CEO, Leigh Simpson, on transforming digital marketing strategy for business growth.

Sponsored by Barbour ABI, Insynth's seminar gave insights into content marketing, promotion, video, SEO and ever-evolving technology, sparking conversation amongst guests. 

Here's an overview of today's digital marketing lessons.

Topics: Content Marketing SEO Social Media MarTech
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Social Media And Marketing: 7 Video Topics For Construction Marketing

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 02-Aug-2018 10:49:55

Using video will increase your reach and engagement.

It is the preferable way of viewing content for 59% of executives according to HubSpot, making it a content format that cannot be ignored.

With video content you can educate potential clients and drive them to become leads and customers.

Read on to find out which topics will be the most beneficial for your construction strategy.

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Dealing With Negative Comments On Social Media

By Charlotte McCormac on 01-Aug-2018 16:19:12

Negativity can manifest in a variety of ways on social media: written abuse from trolls, emojis, seemingly light-hearted comments that are actually damaging.  All attack your building product company’s brand credibility, and all require a response.

Learn how to respond to negative comments on social media to preserve your building product company reputation while solving your customers’ problems, even when they’re not your fault.

Overcome the fear of social media with our tips for social media marketing.

But, why is this important?

Because 1 in 3 social media users prefer to use social media customer care services over telephone or email.

Because 67% of social media users seek resolutions using Facebook and Twitter.

Because nearly 70% of consumers use social media to resolve customer service issues.

And the companies who offer social media customer care get 20 – 40% more business.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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The Insynth Social Media Glossary For Construction Marketing

By Charlotte McCormac on 25-Jul-2018 09:49:30

Building a social media strategy for your building products company?

Use our glossary of social media terms to support your construction marketing strategy.  With our glossary, you can explore every corner of a variety of social media channels before jumping in and sharing your content with the world.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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Social Media And Marketing: Balancing Text And Video Content

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 24-Jul-2018 15:35:28

Video content is a booming power source in construction marketing. 82% of Twitter users use social media for video over text.

Though time-consuming to make, it is one of the most rewarding content formats when it comes to click-through and views.

With video being such a popular format, should businesses be neglecting textual content in the place of the video format? In this blog post, Insynth examines the benefits of maintaining a balance between video and text content. Read on to find out more.


Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
7 min read

Social Media And Marketing: 5 Ways Social Media Improves P.R

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 24-Jul-2018 10:14:44

Social media has become an integral part of every business’s P.R strategy. The world is shifting to a more social platform when it comes to promotion and marketing. It’s about being customer-centred.

Using social media for P.R in construction marketing can bring many benefits to your company. Read on to see how social media can improve your public relations.    

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
7 min read

Social Media And Marketing: 5 Key Elements For Construction Marketing Videos

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 20-Jul-2018 15:10:00

Using video for construction marketing is a technique in content creation that is now a critical element of any content marketing plan. HubSpot states that in today's market, 59% of executives prefer to consume content in a video format, rather than as a block of text. Keep reading to find out why is it important?

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
8 min read

How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

By Charlotte McCormac on 20-Jul-2018 15:03:01

It can be difficult enough to know which social media platforms to use when marketing your building products company, let alone understand the most effective times to upload your content.

But with our simple guide, you can find out how to strategically schedule your social media posts for maximum visibility and engagement.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
7 min read

Social Media And Marketing: Identifying Social Media Platforms That Your Audience Use

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 20-Jul-2018 10:00:00

Social media is a key tool in the arsenal anybody working in the building products industry. It is a way of making connections with potential customers and promoting building products outside of your company website. Read on to find out how to identify the perfect platform for your business.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
8 min read

Social Media And Marketing: Using Social Media To Promote Building Products

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 19-Jul-2018 13:57:10

In the building products industry, the traditional marketing approach of advertising, P.R, direct mail and telesales has been the preferred method of creating leads and engaging customers. But this is changing.

Tech-savvy building product sales and marketing professionals are using social media more and more to connect with customers, generate leads and win new work. 

Let’s found out how they're doing it.      

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
9 min read

Social Media and Marketing: Responding To Your Followers

By Charlotte McCormac on 19-Jul-2018 10:55:23

Think you haven’t got time to respond to your followers on social media?  Think again.

Your responses tell consumers whether they can trust your building products brand.  If you don’t respond, consumers won’t trust you, and you’ll quickly lose business to your competitors.

Responding to your prospects on social media is as important as responding to their calls and emails.  Ironically, not responding is actually a form of response.  When you don’t respond, you ignore your followers. 

You wouldn’t ignore them in the street, so why would you ignore them online?  That just doesn’t make sense, yet so many companies feel that they ‘don’t have time.’

But surely responding to a message is just basic manners?

Read on to find out how you can respond to your followers to convert them into leads.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
8 min read

Social Media and Marketing: Using YouTube for Construction Marketing

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 13-Jul-2018 10:04:47

YouTube is a video sharing website owned by Google. It is designed to allow users to post and view video footage and subscribe to creators whose content they are most keen to stay up to date with. It is quickly becoming a key tool to have in your marketing arsenal and for  , this is hugely important to success online.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media Inbound Marketing
8 min read

Social Media And Marketing: Using LinkedIn For Construction Marketing

By Charlotte McCormac on 12-Jul-2018 15:41:47

Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is more of an editorial and publishing focused channel.

As the most professional social media platform, LinkedIn is the ideal place to share construction academia and articles to stay up to date with industry topics and engage in conversation with other building product sellers and users.

Topics: Social Media
8 min read

Social Media and Marketing: Using Pinterest For Construction Marketing

By Charlotte McCormac on 12-Jul-2018 13:51:35

Pinterest is a platform for finding and providing inspiration, particularly for potential purchasers. 

Ideal for building products companies who can showcase the practicality of their products in images and graphics, Pinterest is a highly visual platform.  If you’ve got eye-catching, original photographs of your construction materials, Pinterest is the place to upload and share them.  Remember, people are highly visual, and photos are the most effective means of remembering products.

While Pinterest isn’t one of the most widely used social media platforms, it is up there with the most popular platforms for product research.  93% of Pinterest users are active on the site for purchase research, and over two thirds of users have discovered new brands using the site.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
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Social Media and Marketing: Using Instagram For Construction Marketing

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 12-Jul-2018 10:54:39

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a photo-sharing social media platform that allows users to post photographs and videos and instantly repost them across multiple channels at the same time. For construction marketing, Instagram is a key social media tool that can be extensively utilised for the purpose of content production and marketing.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
6 min read

Social Media And Marketing: Using Facebook For Construction Marketing

By Charlotte McCormac on 11-Jul-2018 16:34:02

Facebook is the most popular, widely-used social media channel.  Pretty much everyone uses it, from your boss, to your grandma.  By using Facebook to share your company’s product and service details, you can access a huge market, creating a community around your building products business.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
8 min read

Social Media and Marketing: Using Hashtags and Mentions for Construction Marketing

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 11-Jul-2018 14:34:00

The use of hashtags and mentions on social media is an old concept constantly being made new. Every year more and more sites make them a key feature of the user experience revolutionising the ways in which businesses on social platforms can reach out to potential clients.

Topics: Content Marketing Social Media
11 min read

Social Media and Marketing: Guide To The Key Social Media Channels For Construction Marketing

By Charlotte McCormac on 11-Jul-2018 11:50:18

There are 4.021 billion internet users in the world.  3.196 billion of these are social media users, and more are joining social media platforms every day.  This is where your future customers are waiting for you, so make the most of social media for your building products company.

But a building products social profile is only worthwhile if you give people a reason to follow or connect with you.

You’ll need to constantly update your social media channels with fresh content if you what to continuously reach prospects and hold their interest in your construction business.  Social media marketing requires constant upkeep and effort.

Having said that, this guide will give you all the important tips to manage your social media accounts as efficiently and easily as possible.

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Social Media and Marketing: Using Twitter for Construction Marketing

By Abby Buchan-Howard on 10-Jul-2018 13:33:59

Twitter, a social media platform designed with the intention of becoming a universal SMS service for its users, has become a key marketing tool being employed by businesses across the world. In the last eight years, Twitter’s subscribed user count increased to over three hundred and thirty million, making it a critical place for businesses to meet and connect with potential customers.

As of January 2018, Twitter was boasting 336 million members. The average Tweeter posts new material up to five times every day. In one twenty-four-hour period that means that there is over half a million new Tweets being posted online. For construction marketers, using Twitter in a way that allows them to stand out in all of this noise is quickly becoming a key issue that companies need to address.

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Winning The Battle For Hearts And Minds, Not Just Clicks And Ranks

By Leigh Simpson on 07-Jul-2018 14:45:00

With new technology appearing increasingly frequently, promising to disrupt traditional methods of sales and marketing and make business success a breeze, it’s easy to be tempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater and overlook some of the main principles of growing your business.

No matter how you deliver your message and what methods you use, it’s important to remember to use technology to support your sales and construction marketing strategies, not replace them.

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