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Origin Global Leverage HubSpot Sales Software for Last-Minute-Winner ABM Campaign


When Avtar Birdi, Head of Commercial Sales, was told Origin Commercial needed half a million pounds of orders in 6 months to stay operational, he turned to Insynth to implement HubSpot Sales and generate enquiries.



HubSpot Email Sequences


Contacts Researched & Enrolled


Quotes Generated

At the beginning of 2023, the commercial division of Origin Global was in danger of being shut down due to economic pressures. Avtar Birdi, Head of Sales for the commercial division, was given the target of half a million pounds of revenue within 6 months to stay operational. 

To assist with this high-stakes project, he asked Insynth to run a make-or-break email sequence on a platform that could also assist his follow-up and enable him to convert responses and quotes into orders efficiently in order to reach his target. 

Strategic Approach 

Origin Global opted for HubSpot Sales Hub Professional due to its comprehensive set of features tailored to their objectives. The Professional plan provided advanced tools for automating tasks, deal management, and delivering personalised experiences aligning to housebuilders and developers working on small to medium sized premium developments. 


Key Utilised Features

  • Sequences: These tools allowed Origin Global to create a strategic series of personalised touchpoints, ensuring timely and relevant interactions with leads. The result was a more structured and effective lead nurturing process with less manual follow-up. 
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools: These tools enabled Origin Global to customise content and interactions for high-value accounts. By addressing specific pain points and corporate values, they fostered a sense of connection and insight. 


Key Achievements 

  • Elevated Brand Presence: The strategic use of HubSpot Sequences got Origin on the radar with companies they had failed to engage before - despite their significant market presence
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: HubSpot and our careful audience research and segmentation enabled Origin to use the voice of their customer in their communications - enabling them to break through the noise of typical sales and marketing emails by reflecting the experience of housebuilders and developers back to them, and assuring them that Origin could assist with their "window pain"
  • Quote Management: Avtar needed a tool which would provide a streamlined quote management process and quick enquiry and quotation process - HubSpot enabled this through Forms, Deal Pipelines, and Automation 


Technology Synergy 

Sequences, ABM tools, and sales dashboards worked harmoniously together, enabling personalised communication and automated outreach. Real-time insights empowered agile adjustments based on performance metrics, enhancing campaign responsiveness. 


Quantifiable Results

During our client debrief session, Avtar recapped the results this way: 


The net result, was that we were introduced into businesses that we probably would not have got introduced into, despite the significant market presence that we have in aluminium windows and doors. 

From a standing start, between four to six months... we definitely saw come down through the pipeline brand new, fresh leads of about quarter of a million, 250,000 [pounds]. 



Through strategic use of HubSpot Sales Hub, Sequences, and ABM tools, Avtar beat the odds. He hit his target and the commercial division of Origin Global stayed open. 

Services Utilised


The Origin Global team was fully setup on HubSpot, guided through the tools, and everything was connected and ready to use.



In-depth analysis of Origin Globals existing marketing processes, tools, and goals and tailored HubSpot to their processes 

HubSpot Set Up Configuration Onboarding Services Support For Construction Industry


A list of prospects that matched Origin Global's ideal client profile was researched to bolster their database and get them off to a flying start.

HubSpot Software CRM System and Data Migration Solutions For Construction Industry


Origin Global comitted to ongoing training to ensure best-practice enquiry and order management.