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Discover how a 66% increase in traffic led to a 425% increase in ranking keywords creating 45 sales leads

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Sector: Water Filtration In Industrial Processes
Services: Wastewater Treatment & Management, Recycling
Water, Water Filtration Units

“Results so far have been impressive and we’re seeing improvements month on month. Insynth’s advice on the application of the Inbound Marketing methodology has been crucial to the success of our digital
marketing efforts.” - 
Managing Director Matt Williams

The Situation

Membracon wanted to grow their business by accessing new markets, such as pharmaceuticals and food production, whilst reaching new potential customers in overseas markets.

The problem was that their website was not performing. Content was thin, it was not optimised for search, it had a dull and uninspiring design and the CMS was unusable.

This meant that they couldn’t make the slightest change to their site without facing a hefty bill from their web designers.

How We Helped

Insynth conducted an in depth technical assessment of the Membracon website. It wasn’t ranking in search for any of the key solutions that they offered. In fact the only products that were ranking were products Membracon wanted to drop.

The site structure was also too deep, with users having to click through up to 5 levels to reach product information. It was likely that this impacted effective crawling of the site by search engine spiders.

Insynth recommended a full site rebuild, migrating to Wordpress to give the Membracon team control of their key marketing asset. We also developed a slicker UX to get visitors straight to the information they wanted within 2 clicks.

Extensive keyword and competitor research was undertaken, narrowing down over 14,000 phrases to less than 50 to enable us to align their value proposition with the key phrases that potential clients were actually using online.

The site was fully optimised for search and clear conversion paths were created for lead generation. Calls to action and forms were created and used across the site to encourage users to enquire.
The site was integrated into a free HubSpot CRM system to capture website leads and automatically distribute them to the marketing team for nurturing.

An active blog was created with a content plan developed to focus on the products and markets in their growth plan. The blog was also used to position Membracon as industry experts and thought leaders, increasing the credibility and authority of the brand.

Analytics were also enabled to provide the senior team at Membracon with insight to performance. This led to the decision to implement Site Uncovered to enable them to analyse visitor behaviour to further improve site design.

Once the site was live, Insynth delivered a half day workshop to train the Membracon team on how to edit the content on site and create blog posts.



Increase in web traffic

New sales leads generated in just over 6 months from website enquiries


Increase in ranking keywords including 48 top 10 ranking keywords on Google

Looking at the results further...

  • The new website was developed and delivered within 6 weeks.
  • Membracon saw an immediate bounce in rankings and website traffic as the site was crawled properly for the first time and the improved content was indexed.
  • Traffic has increased by an average of 66%
  • They've secured an increase in ranking keywords of 425%, including 48 top 10 ranking keywords on Google.
  • 45 new sales leads have been generated in just over 6 months directly from website enquiries, many of which were from new overseas contacts.


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