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Intelligent Membranes Specified on Tower Blocks from New Digital CPD


An Interview with CEO Adam White


Summary: Intelligent Membranes creates on-demand, digital CPD. Achieves over 20,000 views, specification on large tower blocks, and global impact with "little-to-no effort".


Intelligent Membranes provides effective, breathable air-tightness products for residential and commercial builds.

In 2021, CEO Adam White, realised that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is an effective way to reach specifiers but his team was spending a lot of time delivering it.

Adam enlisted Insynth to digitise their CPD presentation to make it accessible online, on-demand, and gain back some time for his team. The results have been clear.

So far, Intelligent Membranes' digital CPD has achieved over twenty thousand views, specifications for large tower blocks, and international projects with "little-to-no effort". 


Here's our conversation with CEO Adam White.


Why did you choose to digitise your CPD?  

Just to make it easier for everyone in the office really. There's a lot of time involved in making sure that you can be somewhere at ten o'clock in the morning. Also, we've noticed that a lot of the online ones that are done are actually done in the evenings as well, so people like to do it in their own time.


What have the results been? 

We’ve had well over twenty thousand hits on our views through NBS, RIBA, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Even a small, small return on twenty thousand is worth it. We have all those people specifying projects over the next three to five years, so it's really laying the tracks for the future. We’ve already seen big, big orders come in from it. We’ve seen architects watch the CPD, go to NBS, specify our product, and then we’re on tower buildings. And buildings all around the world actually.  


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What was it like creating a CPD with Insynth? 

To be honest with you, it was quite easy. They took the information that we gave them, researched our business anyway as well, then went away and then come back and we made a few small changes and that's the result. So on my side of things, which I like, it was little to no effort because we made you guys do all the work. 


How does your digital CPD make your in-person sessions more effective? 

I'm not the biggest fan of doing presentations on people's lunch breaks. As a company, we actually don't do that anymore. We make everyone watch the CPD online before we do an in-person session. So now people have to take time to watch our CPD and then we present a CPD, but it's not the same one they just watched. It’s a deeper dive into the products. People have more understanding and more questions in those sessions because they’ve had time to think of more questions.  


Conclusion: Pioneers of a Smart & Effective Hybrid CPD Strategy  

For Intelligent Membranes, digitising their CPD was an investment in the future that will continue to provide them with short and long-term returns.

By making the CPD available to specifiers on-demand, Intelligent Membranes:

  • Engage a larger audience
  • Passively generate demand for their products around the clock
  • Pave the way for in-depth conversations when they do have in-person sessions 

Intelligent Membranes are leading the way with hybrid CPD delivery and setting themselves up for success well into the future. 

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