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Learn how a strategic content marketing strategy, paired with on-page SEO, brought in increased website traffic and high-quality enquiries for a London-based start-up.  

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Sector: Architectural/design acoustics

Services: Design-led acoustic panels, acoustic partition walls, soundproofing panels, acoustic ceiling solutions


The Situation

Design-led acoustic solutions supplier, Sound Zero, approached Insynth at the beginning of their journey. As a start-up company, Sound Zero was keen to promote their innovative solutions to a wider audience of architects, designers and other professionals involved in the design or refurb stage of a commercial project.

Led by the company’s Creative Director, Gavin Brightman and recording studio builder-and all-around acoustic genius-Luke Warwick, Insynth could see the vast potential in this two-man band.

Insynth was more than willing to join the guys as their outsourced, in-house marketing team.


“They had the products; they had the solutions, but no one knew about them. We couldn’t wait to help tell their story.” Leigh Simpson, CEO, Insynth.


How Insynth Helped

Insynth identified an opportunity to adopt content marketing and inbound marketing methodologies to create a demonstrable gap between Sound Zero and the rest of the market, and position Sound Zero as the thought leaders in the sector.


“The trust that we’ve established with Insynth has been fantastic, and the team has been a great support in helping us achieve some high-quality results. Insynth are an integral and reliable part of building our business. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional, their input has helped us grow and proven itself to be a vital asset to the way Sound Zero approaches marketing”. Gavin Brightman, Creative Director.


Content Marketing

The process began with in-depth keyword research. This uncovered the terms that people were using to find solutions like the ones Sound Zero provide.

Following on from this, Insynth developed a content marketing strategy, outlining the topic and the subsequent blog articles that would be written to drive traffic to Sound Zero’s website.

Sound Zero blog


In this case, Insynth’s keyword research identified a growing need for ‘office acoustic solutions’. Armed with this information, Insynth were able to tailor Sound Zero’s blog articles to ensure maximum potential for the company to end up at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

The blog articles then led to a downloadable content offer, and in this case, a Guide To Office Acoustics was produced.

iPad landing

Website SEO Improvements

Creating a website that acted as a ‘lead generation’ machine was high on Insynth’s priority for Sound Zero. The team already had an attractive website, so Insynth’s efforts focussed on:

  • Ensuring that all heading tags were optimised
  • Creating forms throughout their pages for lead capture
  • Incorporating a chatbot for visitors to ask questions and make queries
  • Adding SEO-driven website pages for visitors to explore Sound Zero’s acoustic solutions
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Social Media and Email Marketing

Insynth used a high-performance social scheduling software to ensure that Sound Zero’s latest updates, including blog articles and product launches, were regularly promoted on all social platforms.

In order to reach out to their growing contact database, Insynth was involved with creating regular update emails that were sent out to segments of Sound Zero’s database.

Sound Zero Pinterest


HubSpot Support

As HubSpot partners, Insynth provided Sound Zero comprehensive and ongoing training and support with all of HubSpot’s features.

The team are still benefitting from the software’s ease of use and granular approach to task and deal setting, as well as the email and lead capturing facilities (such as forms and landing pages) that come with HubSpot’s Marketing Software package.




Organic Website Traffic increase from May 2019-February 2020

Top 100 positions on Google, which rose from only 2 in May 2019

Top 10 positions on Google


Website visibility, which rose from 0.3% in May 2019

Looking at this further...

The rise in Sound Zero’s visibility has also led to them being specified for several high-profile projects, including Facebook Studios in London, who wanted sound absorption for their podcast studio.

Sound Zero has also gained interest across the pond, with BMW, USA enquiring about acoustic solutions for their car showrooms.


Insynth’s Continuing Work

Insynth’s partnership with Sound Zero is not set to stop any time soon, and we look forward to seeing the team grow further.

Insynth is continuing with the company’s content marketing schedule, social media, email promotion and ongoing website SEO improvements.


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