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Writing A Construction Marketing Plan in 2022

Writing A Construction Marketing Plan in 2022

As 2022 approaches, many building product businesses are looking ahead to see how they can improve our businesses for the coming year.

Your marketing plan will be the pillar your building product business hangs on to, as it steers itself towards success. Your 2022 marketing plan will allow you and your team to keep track of your company objectives and maximise your potential.

This blog will cover the key elements to consider to deliver a solid marketing plan for 2022.

Considerations For Your Marketing Plan in 2022

Your marketing plan is your high-level overview of how you plan to reach new prospects and your techniques to convert them into customers, along with improving your customer experience. A well thought out marketing plan is thorough but flexible because let's be honest: things change and never really go according to plan.

Your marketing plan should consider some of the following fundamentals:

Understand your Target Audience

Marketing should always be specific and intentional. To begin writing your marketing plan, it's essential that you accurately analyse and depict your company's target audience. 

Are you targeting architects, specifiers, contractors, sub-contractor, the end-user or someone completely different? Because each of these audiences expects completely different things from building material businesses, this will dictate how you reach and convert them.

By assessing their needs, wants and concerns you can target them with content that attracts, converts and delights your customers.

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Respond To Your Customer's Pain Points

By understanding and empathising with your customers, you can more easily learn their pain points and concerns to better allow you to help them. Your company's marketing plan should demonstrate clearly how you can help address your prospect's worries and establish yourself as the go-to solution.

Demonstrate Your Businesses Strengths

While writing your 2022 marketing plan, you should ask what sets your business apart from the competition.

Is it the value you offer, or perhaps it's your product's technical performance? In understanding this you will know what aspects of your marketing to push, moreover, what it should be pushing precisely.

These USP's (Unique Selling Points) should clearly communicate in your marketing strategy and explain why your potential customers choose you.

But in this, an argument can be made that USPs are outdated.

We use an updated version called the UPB... Unique Perceived Benefit. As USPs are inwards looking, it lacks in identifying the brand's external perception, which arguably is more important than the intrinsic perception.  

A UPB tells you how your AUDIENCE perceived you and more importantly what problems they want to solve with your product. Finding the correct balance between a UPB and a USP will drastically improve your ability to solve fr the customer.

Understand Your Marketing Channels

To get the most out of your time and budget, your marketing strategy should assess the best channels to target your audience and the best ways in which to gain their trust.

The most efficient marketing plans will deliver their strategy through a number of marketing channels to maximise its success. Consider digital marketing, offline marketing and everything in between.

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Your Marketing Plan For 2022: What To Include

Whilst marketing plans will differ from one to the next, there are some key elements that you should include in any well-rounded marketing strategy:

Company's Vision & Mission Statement

Your mission statement will guide your marketing plans for the year, by stating the purpose behind everything you are doing.

Remember the importance of clear intent. A building product business's purpose should be clearly defined, whether monetarily-lead goals or ones focused on ideals like growth and development for the industry. All other aspects of your marketing plan will feed directly into this purpose, so it's important it is defined straight away.

Finally, your mission statement should include your businesses' values. This includes the culture you want to promote within your business and can be done by explaining your business principles, expectations from employees and your commitments to your team.

Assess Your Strengths & Weaknesses

A technique that has been employed within businesses for a long time, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of your products will enable you to assess all factors that could contribute to your strategies success or failure.

Know Your Competitors

By including a section on your competitors, you can begin to understand what they are doing right and in what ways you could improve upon what they are doing. For example, perhaps they target architects better than you do? A competitor analysis will give you a high-level overview of the insights you need from your competitors to give you a competitive advantage. 

Understanding the wider industry outside of your business is key to keeping yourself relevant within your market and knowing ways in which you can innovate and improve.


Marketing Plans, What's New in 2022?

We still live in very uncertain times. Since 2020, it's been difficult to give an accurate prediction of what the next year holds, but it's not impossible. We know now that COVID-19 has created a "new normal" that will be here for some time.

So what trends in 2022 should you look out for in your marketing plan?

Hybrid Strategies & Hybrid Working

We've all had to adapt how we work over the last couple of years. This should be reflected in your marketing plan for 2022. A commitment to your worker's ever-growing diverse needs will be crucial to mention within your company's vision and mission statement.

But the hybrid approach doesn't end there. We've seen an increased rise in the need for multi-channel marketing since the pandemic hit. As a result, it is harder than ever to grab your customers' attention as the world opens back up and the industry is saturated with content.

By targeting multiple platforms with a range of marketing methods (i.e. written content, videos, images.. etc.), you can better convince customers during the consideration stage of their journey and capitalise on your marketing budget.



We hope this blog demonstrated some clear ways in which you can steer your marketing plan towards success, by making the considerations we've mentioned early.

Looking ahead to 2022, your marketing strategy should account for the changes in which businesses are made to run and the ways in which your customers consume marketing content.

Construction Marketing Managers Guide To Content Marketing call to action with 72 pages

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