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Will Your Website Pass This Test?

Will Your Website Pass This Test?

As commercial interactions move online, websites have become the most important asset when attracting leads. Users are, more than ever, expecting their digital experience to be flawless, determining a business’s credibility through their website’s design and moving onto competition if they consider the user experience in your website to be poor or, simply, not good enough.

In their 2019 Digital Transformation and B2B E-Commerce Report, Sana reported that as many as 84% of construction companies were planning on selling their products exclusively online in the future, increasing the competition within the construction industry. With this in mind, it is essential for building product brands to ensure their website is up to standard and fully optimised.


The One Free Tool you Need to Review your Website

If you are unaware of the performance of your website, running a thorough and complete check-up is highly advised. Whilst there is a myriad of software available to report on the efficacy of your website, HubSpot has made available to all website owners, HubSpot users or not, a compelling and intuitive tool that will assess your website and provide you with a score.

HubSpot’s Website Grader provides you with an overview of the quality of your website based on four distinctive but essential parameters. When checking your website’s health, you will be provided with on-the-spot recommendations on improving the areas in which your website might have not successfully passed the test or that you might want to see improved.

But, what will be HubSpot’s Website Grader exactly be looking at?

#1 Performance: Is your Website Performing to its Full Potential?

Whist different factors may impact the performance of your website; page speed is the main metric to look at. Page speed is a direct ranking factor, significant since Google's Algorithm Speed Update last June, and it is known to affect possible conversions. The average time it takes for a desktop webpage to load in 10.3 seconds, are your pages keeping up?

According to Infront Webworks, improving your website loading speed can prevent the loss of 7% of possible conversions. To ensure that our website's page speed is good, the code of your website must be optimised. Removing render-blocking JavaScript, reducing redirects, and resizing images are also simple tweaks that can improve the time your pages take to load.

#2: SEO: Are you Consistently Optimising Your Website’s SEO?

With over 40% of the revenue of building companies coming from purely organic traffic, HubSpot’s Website Grader will look at whether you are consistently reviewing and improving your SEO or not. With 75% of people browsing on the internet only clicking the first three search results, a robust SEO is essential for any website to succeed.

When reviewing your website’s SEO, HubSpot will look at four parameters that should already be present in your SEO strategy. These parameters will look at:

  • if you have indexed a particular page in a particular search engine so engine crawlers can locate your webpage whenever similar keywords are searched,
  • if you have added a meta title, meta tags, and a meta description to your page
  • if you use content plugins that are hard to read or are not supported by common browsers
  • if you have provided a description link text when inserting a link that would redirect people to a different page

#3 Mobile: Does your Website Effectively Adapt to Different Devices?

In the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8% of global website traffic. According to SAG IPL, if a business’ website is not mobile-friendly, 48% of users will take that to indicate that the business does not care about their customers’ digital experience. With a significant part of people using their phones when browsing, making sure your website is ready has become crucial.

The factors that will allow your website to display on different devices effectively will be

  • The font size of your pages should always be kept at 16 pixels or above to ensure it is readable even on smaller screens
  • The size of clickable elements, particularly buttons, so when they are big enough when displayed on mobile
  • Whether the platform your website is designed in is responsive to devices such as tablets, smartphones, or game consoles

#4 Security: How Strong is Your Website Against Hackers?

Since 2019, Google committed to only showing secure sites within its search results and, consequently, started prioritising displaying websites with HTTPS over those with HTTP. When looking at the security of your website, HubSpot’s Website grader will check that your website uses HTTPS and has secure JavaScript Libraries.

Choosing these two elements to assess a website’s security ensures that websites are protected from attacks and gives visitors the confidence to continue interacting with your site since browsers will consider it authentic and trustworthy. Periodically updating your JavaScript library and acquiring an SSL certificate can help you improve the security of your site.


Why Insynth Websites Are Different

#1 We Have A Non-Traditional Approach

Aware of the fast pace at which web design has evolved in the past years, we believe that a website is never a finished product. Understanding a website as a platform needing constant improvement is essential to stay at the top of your game and make sure you are delivering the best possible digital experience. This perspective is gathered within our growth-driven design methodology.

The growth-driven design was first applied in 2017 and has been reported to increase leads by 16.9% and revenue by 11.2% within the first 6 months after the website is launched. This approach drives intelligent, progressive, and automated web optimisation based on real-time data gathered from the same visitors accessing your site.

#2 We use Accessible Tools

We design our websites in a platform exclusively geared for growth-driven interactions, HubSpot’s CMS Hub. The CMS Hub is easy to use and secure code-free web building tool. Part of the HubSpot family, any pages built on the CMS Hub leverage data from HubSpot’s CRM, ensuring the information the website gathers on user behaviour is accurately stored and analysed.

Unlike other web editing software, the CMS Hub allows users to build powerful websites without custom coding. There is no need to rely on developers or dive into endless HTML rows to tweak a small detail within your site with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The CMS Hub can be an excellent choice for businesses considering a 180-degree change of their visitors’ digital experience.

#3 We Are SEO-Driven

We believe websites to be in constant communication with Google. Through HubSpot’s Google Search Console integration, our websites obtain data from the searches that had led visitors into a website. This data translates into keywords that allow you to adapt your site's language to better resonate with the audience you are trying to target and attract.

Powering our websites on HubSpot, any website designed by Insynth is continuously optimised with on-page SEO recommendations based on real-time data leveraged from your CRM and the behaviour of the users interacting with your page. Our SEO strategies are born from a holistic approach that combines periodical audits with constant backlinks and content quality improvements.  


About Insynth

At Insynth, we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience.

We use the latest marketing techniques, such as construction inbound marketing, to equip building product companies to grow sustainability in this era of digital transformation.

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major in construction marketing, we have a proven formula of bringing a variety of functionalities together, including CRM ImplementationWeb DesignSales AutomationSEO, and Email Marketing to achieve your ultimate aim: Growing your business and gaining new specifiers and customers.

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