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Why Hire A Construction Marketing Agency?

Why Hire A Construction Marketing Agency?

Businesses in the built environment are embracing digital marketing strategies in their marketing mix to gain a competitive advantage. 

The construction industry has a lot of potential when it comes to digital marketing. This is especially important if you're having trouble attracting customers or are simply tired of the hustle and bustle of self-promotion.

A construction marketing agency has experienced staff to handle all of your digital marketing needs in one location, allowing you to concentrate all of your efforts on running and developing your building product business. That's only one of the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency, here are the rest…

Having A Specialism In Construction Marketing

The construction industry is a complex space with a vast number of decision-makers throughout every stage of the supply chain. Learning about the construction industry doesn't happen overnight. The only way to gain real success with an outsourced agency is by selecting a team that has been in your shoes, understands the specifier journey, and has experience solving the challenges you experience day in, day out. 

Take the specifier journey for example:

Specifier Journey

The term 'specifier' can be used interchangeably with an architect, an engineer or anybody responsible for specifying products. But, equally, the term 'specification' is an industry term used to describe a detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials etc., of work done or to be done, prepared by an architect, engineer etc.

Two very similar terms, two completely different definitions. But how would a non-specialist know? Never mind the specifier journey and how to optimise your marketing and sales activity for each phase. And this is just one example.

An agency without a clear understanding of the construction industry won't integrate seamlessly with your team. You may find yourself getting snagged more often than if you were to work with a construction marketing specialist. 

Selecting an agency with a particular specialism in construction will ensure you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

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Save Time To Focus On Other Things

In the building product sector, you likely have a lot of day-to-day tasks to juggle. You have a lot on your plate, from managing your personnel to balancing expenses. When you add marketing and lead gen to the mix, you can quickly become overwhelmed. 

If you hire a digital construction marketing agency you'll have an entire team of marketing experts working for you, for the equivalent cost of hiring one new person. This won't only free you up to concentrate on vital elements of your company, but it will also save cost while maximising profits.


You’ll Get Access To Better Tools And Data

There are many free marketing tools available, but you won't get useful data unless you upgrade to a paying version. Investing in those tools yourself is worthwhile if you're a larger business with a considerable internal marketing team.

However, for smaller to medium-sized businesses, this may not be feasible. When you partner with an agency, you gain access to the very best analytical and marketing tools available, which offer more valuable insights that help you make confident decisions.

Here are just a few of the resources I'm talking about:

  • Content research tools
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Competitor intelligence trackers
  • SEO optimisers
  • Grammar/plagiarism checkers
  • Automation tools
  • Educational courses
  • Website development tools, technology and plug-ins


Freshen Up Your Construction Marketing Strategy

Get a new set of eyes to look at your building product business. It’s difficult to look at the bigger picture when you are part of it. A construction marketing agency may give you that fresh perspective with your marketing suggestions and can spot things you may have missed.

Working with a construction marketing agency will provide you with expert advice so that you can build a solid foundation for anything marketing-related.

That could involve designing new marketing materials to give your building product business a more consistent appearance and feel, or leveraging new platforms to reach a larger audience.



Like with any working partner, make sure your marketing agency is a good strategic match for the type of goals and challenges you have.

Furthermore, confirming that your potential agency is a construction marketing specialist ensures that time and money are not wasted on non-specialists who are unfamiliar with the architectural specification process.

Check out our free guide to learn more about how to choose the best construction-specific marketing agency for you.

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