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Top 5 Construction TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

Top 5 Construction TikTok Accounts You Should Be Following

TikTok has come a long way since its global release in 2018, it’s safe to say you can find a TikTok account and videos for every industry and major business in the UK. There are still many businesses that haven’t fully adopted TikTok in their marketing strategy, as the app isn’t taken as seriously due to the misconception of being a “dance app.” But those who have, show their success through their high number of followers and engagement.

For building product companies, TikTok gives you the opportunity of showcasing your products and services in a more creative way. By following trends and particular sounds (music) to get on the TikTok algorithm, it’s also a handy way to interact and engage with a new audience.

But we know TikTok is not for everyone right now.

This is why we have compiled a list of 5 construction TikToks accounts you should follow. For those who are just starting out and need some inspiration, or if you fancy something new to watch on your daily TikTok scroll.

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1. New Home Quality Control.

We mentioned @newhomequalitycontrol in our previous blog about TikTok, but we couldn’t help but include them in our top 5 list.

This account uploads videos of construction snags in new builds across the whole of the UK and gives advice on what their audience should look for when buying a new build. The results are shocking!

From brick working errors, tiling, plumbing, uneven stairs, landscaping and much more. Combining a mix of shock horror, education and humour the account has a large following of over 550k followers, many of whom have expressed their appreciation on calling out snags many buyers would not notice until post-purchase.


2. Ideal Flooring

If you love satisfying videos, this account is for you!

@idealflooring posts content of the screeding process that takes place when laying down concrete flooring. Whilst these videos are only educational in showing the processes that take place, the account’s 2.7 million followers love the satisfaction of watching the concrete move and create a smooth surface.

They also show a range of before and after shots when the concrete dries as well as vinyl floor processes.


3. RR Buildings

@rrbuildings is a custom post frame builder and content creator from the USA. The account ran by Kyle Stumpenhorst, creates videos such as tool reviews, working on roofing and frames and progress videos for large projects.

Whilst Kyle’s tips are geared more towards contractors, his viewers are a mix of fellow construction workers, tool enthusiasts and casual viewers who love to see the construction processes.

Viewers love watching the process of projects being completed and comparing before and after shots. This is a very popular type of content on TikTok, often bringing in thousands of views for creators who take part in this trend.


Personally I use all three with different grit sandpaper to be efficient! #ceoofconstruction #sander #milwaukee @milwaukeetool #tool #toolsinaction

♬ original sound - RR Buildings


4. TLS Groundworks

Another business showcasing their work on TikTok, @tlsgroundworks, use the platform to show its foundation and drainage services.

Whilst their content is very straight forward with videos of different equipment and processes of creating foundations, creators used upbeat and trendy music which appeals to their audience of 19k.

@tlsgroundworks have a good reputation for engaging with its audience, answering questions and replying to witty comments which creates a good relationship between the business and followers.


5. The Roofing Jedi

Probably the most casual account in this list, but that is why it makes it onto this list. Following a group of roofers in the UK, this account mixes TikTok trends with educational process videos and tutorials, showcasing a few their services and projects.

Like TLS Groundworks, @theroofingjedi has created a good relationship with their 5k + followers, responding to questions in videos and joining in with online jokes with British humour. This account really gives an insight into the life of construction workers, giving a look into the perks and pitfalls in the industry.



TikTok has opened a lot of new opportunities to market their businesses to a whole new but much wider audience on the platform. These 5 Construction based TikTok accounts show that with consistent content and good audience engagement the platform can work for businesses in any industry.

Whilst there are many opportunities, we know that the platform is not every persons platform of interest. But with the popularity of video content beginning to skyrocket and be preferred over still images, it may be worth considering in the future.

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