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#INBOUND18: Succeeding At Content Marketing Without Creating Anything New

#INBOUND18: Succeeding At Content Marketing Without Creating Anything New


'The hard part isn't coming up with ideas. It's picking the best ones' - Brittany Berger

Quality isn't about the number of blog posts that you publish. It's about the number of qualified leads that you can generate from compelling content.

Here's how you can remix and re-purpose content strategically to generate leads without constantly running on the hamster wheel of content creation.

Brittany Berger_Brittany Berger MarketingBrittany Berger is a self-employed content strategist and writer for B2B start-ups.

Brittany’s session at the 2018 Inbound conference is all about creating consistent content and re-purposing your material to save time and costs.



Minimalist Content Marketing

The more time you spend writing content, the less time you have to focus on getting more results out of your existing content.

Here are three top tips to fill gaps in your old content, consistently generate leads and eliminate the struggle of constant content creation:

  • Focus on using your content, not just creating it.
  • Create only as much content as you need.
  • Find new ways to get results from your existing content.

Content Remixing

Just like music producers who remix old songs to inject new life into them, you can put a fresh spin on your content to get more leads out of it.

Remixing your content might look like:

  • Updating old blog posts
  • Creating email sequences
  • Breaking into social posts
  • Turning blog posts into videos

The 4-Step Content Remix Process

  • Identify your goals and priorities to ensure your re-purposed content is in line with these.
  • Complete a content audit and note which pieces are driving results.
  • Find your best remix opportunities, usually pieces that still have potential for further research.
  • Work remixing into your marketing calendar for campaigns.

Finishing Off

Treat your re-purposed content as new pieces of content. Share it on social media and talk about the changes that you have made.

All your old content can work for you again.

Discover how Insynth can maximise the benefits of your content marketing strategy with winning content marketing techniques.

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