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Essentials When Searching For Construction Marketing Companies

Essentials When Searching For Construction Marketing Companies

You’re looking to expand and recruit a construction marketing agency to assist with your marketing strategy, but where do you begin?

Using a digital marketing agency is essential for growing your business in the digital age and can make a world of difference. But whilst they can help boost your ROI, it is still a huge decision. You have to remember, the agency you choose soon becomes your colleagues that you could be building your brand with for years to come.

So, we have compiled a list of the top things to look out for when researching your new working relationship, and most importantly, what to avoid!



Look over their track record: What are their successes? How have they helped other businesses like yours?

By ensuring the marketing company has previous experience or knowledge that can be applied to your business, you can save yourself the trouble later down the line in your working relationship.

Consider case studies and testimonials

A happy customer is always a better referral than a paid employee, so delve into their testimonial and case study section or ask for a portfolio. Even better if you have a friend, colleague or family member who can give their opinion!

If the company is lacking any testimonials or recent case studies, this perhaps could be a red flag, or at the very least something to question.

Look at their marketing

If they are a marketing agency, they should know how to market themselves. Do they have a blog section, engaging social media and an active online presence? You could even sign up to their mailing list to see how regularly and in what style they produce email content!

If the feel of their marketing isn’t suited to your brand, this is the first place you can tell.

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Establish clear goals. What is it you want to achieve with your potential agency?


Do they have case studies by clients wishing to reach similar goals, and how did they achieve them?

Ensure they are industry experts/ are willing to learn about your products and services.


Employing an agency with sector experience or an open mindset to discover more about your industry is imperative. You will always be the expert in your industry, and the agency you choose will always be an expert in marketing.

There is an advantage to choosing an agency with a good understanding of your industry, your customers, the likely buyers are the best channels to reach them, and what marketing messages they’re likely to respond to.

Employing an agency with specialist knowledge


Are you looking to expand your website, or looking to generate sales leads for your sales team, or searching for an agency that can manage your entire marketing function?

Ensure you know exactly what your agency specialises in and whether this is a good fit for your business and goals.

Check if they are thought, leaders

You want an agency leading the way for themselves; they will lead your building product business and your offerings.

Ensure they educate their employees, ensuring you are extending your company to people who are up to date on the latest technologies, certifications and marketing know-how.

Ensure they are results-driven?

Does the agency consider website traffic or click-through rates to see how well a campaign is performing?

Do they run tests on various metrics and campaigns to see how they perform?

Do they analyse and track analytics using platforms like HubSpot and Ahrefs?

Understanding how the agency tracks performance will demonstrate to you if they are focused on the same KPI’s as you.



Jump at the first agency you find

There is a huge array of agencies to consider, so ensure you obtain as much information as you can. Shop first! 

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and move on. You are going to have a working relationship with this company. Can you envision working in harmony with the staff of each agency?

Choose the biggest agency because they look flashy!

If you are a small to medium business and choose to work with one of the big agencies, you could find yourself at the bottom of the priority list.

If your company is a small fish in a big pond, it still deserves attention! Choose an agency that makes the needs of all clients a priority, regardless of brand size.

Overlook the importance of an excellent cultural fit

Ensure the agency you choose can demonstrate that they understand your business and your specific goals and expectations. 

A design-led agency will impress with its creativity, but a result-focused agency will impress on outcomes. 

Can it deliver on your vision?

You want an agency that keeps clients in the loop and constantly refers back to your ideal vision. Ask if you will be in direct contact with the employee working on your account. You want personalised service, and you want to ensure you are receiving the service you pay for.


Ultimately, investing in a well-fitting agency will save you time and money in the long run. With so many options to explore it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Hopefully, with our simple guide, you are on your way to choosing the perfect construction marketing company!

However, if you'd want to learn more about how Insynth can help you with your construction marketing, get in touch today.

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About Insynth 

At Insynth we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience. 

We use the latest marketing techniques such as construction inbound marketing, to equip building product companies to grow sustainability in this era of digital transformation. 

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major in construction marketing. We have a proven formula of bringing a variety of functionalities together including CRM Implementation, Web Design, Sales Automation, SEO, and Email Marketing to achieve your ultimate aim: Growing your business and gaining new specifiers and customers.