Bea Park

Bea Park

Bea is our Digital Marketing Intern working both in house and with our clients to deliver enticing content from a unique angle.

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7 min read

Relegating Your Customer To Number 2

By Bea Park on 10-Sep-2021 11:50:00


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but when it comes to creating an internal service culture, you need to relegate your customer to number two... Let me explain.

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6 min read

Building Your Value Proposition With Customer Experience In Mind

By Bea Park on 31-Aug-2021 09:41:27

Delivering excellent customer service. I know, it sounds ancient…and it is. In the era of digitalised marketing and sales, it is easy to get bogged down with all the different tricks and techniques to boost your customer reach and potential leads.

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8 min read

Why Your Building Product Company Is Competing With Amazon

By Bea Park on 23-Aug-2021 11:19:39

I know, it sounds slightly far fetched. Why would your construction company be in competition with the international billion dollar conglomerate, Amazon?

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6 min read

Construction Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

By Bea Park on 20-Aug-2021 15:06:29

Establishing and maintaining an online presence may seem like wizardry, and something construction companies never need worry about, but its proven: it actually works.

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3 min read

Insynth Welcomes Its Latest Recruit, Digital Marketing Consultant, Jake

By Bea Park on 20-Aug-2021 11:54:25

The key to content marketing is of course great content. The construction industry is no different and as the industry continues to grow, so does the demand for greater marketing.

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5 min read

How Tik-Tok Is Affecting Your Construction Marketing Strategy

By Bea Park on 04-Aug-2021 15:09:47

Tik-Tok, the Chinese video-sharing platform gripping Generation Z, gained mass publicity in the first lockdown all those months ago. It had everything from home workouts, banana bread tutorials and dance routines that got the whole family involved. But why on earth does this affect not only the way we consume information but your construction marketing strategy?

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