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5 Things A Building Products Manufacturer Could Write About

5 Things A Building Products Manufacturer Could Write About

5 Things A Building Products Manufacturer Could Write about-content marketing for construction

Your words are golden on the web. The more you write around a topic, the more Google recognises you as a reputable source. Google’s algorithms dictate that your website will rank highly based on keyword usage, relevance, site design and other factors.

Google provides the highest quality, most relevant results based on the keyword(s) used by the searcher.

As a building products manufacturer who wants more traffic on your site, you need a secure content strategy that puts you in the best position to rank highly on search results.

Where Do I Begin?

Think about the ‘why’ and the ‘who’.


Why Should You Be Writing Content? Educate, Add, Provide

There are several reasons. Firstly, you want to educate. Your content should provide your audience with information that enables them to come away feeling enlightened, knowledgeable, and confident.

Secondly, you want to add to the conversation. What’s going on in your industry? What are your thoughts? By commenting on relevant topics in your space, you’ll be standing out as a thought leader.

Thirdly, you should provide. If your audience has a question they want answered, can they find the answer by looking at your website? Is it easy for the user to find this information?

However, none of this will be effective if you don’t know who you’re writing for.



Who Should You Be Writing Content For?

As a building products manufacturer, you’ll need to consider who’ll be using your services/products. On any building project, the architect is probably the most important member of the design team.

According to research, the architect specified products usually go through to final installation unchallenged on the majority of small to medium building projects

The specification for larger projects demonstrates that contractors and sub-contractors are more involved in the final choices.

Having a clear understanding of your reasons for writing content and who you’re writing content to are the first steps in achieving a successful content strategy that’ll resonate with your target audience.


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5 Things You Could Write About

We’ve discussed the why and the who, but we’re yet to discuss the what. What you write about will determine whether your target audience will find your work interesting and useful.

There are different avenues you could explore as a building products manufacturer. Take a look at some of my suggestions below.


1. Technical Information

Your construction products are likely to be quite technical. By writing about how to use, maintain, and install them will provide your audience with useful, practical content.

Even better if you could provide a short video. Often, people find video easier to digest, and considering 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, it might be worth thinking about creating some short, instructional videos.


2. Solve Common Questions And Pain Points

A little-known swimming pool company from Virginia, USA started their whole content writing process based on answering key questions that their customers had and publishing them as blog articles on their website.

That same content strategy helped them to recover from being on the brink of bankruptcy during the 2008 economic crisis. They are now a multi-million dollar company known as River Pools and Spas.

Collaborate with your sales team and find out some of the common questions that customers ask. If prospects and customers can find answers to questions in the ‘blog’ section, it’ll free up the sales rep’s time and allow them to close deals faster.


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3. Write About Events You’ve Attended

If you’ve attended any events, review them. Inform your readers about the things that you’ve learnt, sharing your new knowledge.

Anyone unable to attend the event might find your information useful.

In demonstrating that you’re keeping up with new trends and constantly seeking to improve, you’ll be standing out to architects, contractors, and specifiers as a company worth working with.


4. Checklists and ‘How-to’ Blogs

Checklists and ‘how-to’ blogs are popular online because they allow the reader to digest useful information quickly.

Consider your audience here and ask yourself: what would they find useful?


5. Share Your Opinions On New/Updated Regulations And Legislation

Writing about new or updated regulations is a great way to inform architects, contractors, and specifiers on how your products could help solve potential problems due to new regulations.

You’ll be establishing yourself as technical experts.



When it comes to content, there’s potential for a great deal of variety within your industry. Take advantage of it and consider the fresh, insightful and interesting things you could be writing about.

Not sure where to begin? Talk to one of our experts today and learn about how you can drive traffic and increase leads through an effective content strategy that aligns with your ideal customer.



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