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Construction Marketing Strategies To Set Your Business Apart

Construction Marketing Strategies To Set Your Business Apart

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to explore the construction marketing strategies to help propel your building product business ahead of your competitors.

But with so much noise in the industry about improving your Google Rankings, getting your building product mentioned in leading magazines or creating content that converts, it can be overwhelming.

Where do you start? What strategies are best for your building product business? How do you know your marketing partner can help achieve these goals?

Well, reading this guide is a start.

Highlighting the best construction marketing strategies to stand out from the building product crowd, this blog sets the foundations to help you tower above the rest of the market.

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#1 Consider A RIBA CPD As Part Of Your Construction Marketing Strategy

Home to over 40,000 chartered architects, RIBA is the beating heart of the construction industry. CPD plays a critical role in the work-life of an architect and can be a significant influence on the building products they choose and the construction partnerships they strike.

RIBA requires its architects to undertake 35 hours of CPD and self-reflection per year with points awarded for completing them – But how can you and your building product become an essential part of those 35 hours?

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge a CPD isn’t a chance to sell your product. RIBA won’t approve a CPD that is 30 minutes of a building product themed QVC sales pitch. Instead, it’s your opportunity to highlight your expertise in the construction sector, show you understand project problems and how they can be solved.

Then, when architects come to make decisions, they remember the building product manufacturer whose CPD provided them with a memorable lunchtime of learning.

On top of everything else, a RIBA approved CPD also earns you that marketing holy grail – A backlink.

This leads us on to the next construction marketing strategy.


#2 Digital PR: Build Brand Awareness & Improve Google Rankings

Digital PR might at first glance seem like the ‘outcast’ of conventional inbound content marketing but used correctly it can accelerate your building product and put you right in front of your core customers.

More than just promoting news stories from the staff in your building product business, with a proper construction marketing strategy, digital PR can be another avenue to share your well written and SEO optimised content.

Publishing your case studies, helpful guides, and FAQ blogs beyond the four walls of your building product website opens up the opportunity for even more eyes to see how you are a trusted advisor in your sector.

On top of this, you’ll also earn backlinks. These links to your original content help raise your domain authority. Then, with a higher authority, when a user searches online, Google is more likely to put your building product brand above those with less authoritative content.

Digital PR isn’t the ‘…and finally’ news story of how your receptionist raised £500 for charity. Now it’s the method in which you share your expertise to places beyond your website and gain backlinks, marching up the Google Rankings.

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#3 Video To Help Your Construction Marketing Strategy Stand Out

Without a doubt, the video should be included as part of your construction marketing strategy.

How often are you scrolling through LinkedIn or website surfing, seeing video after video? Well, there’s a reason for that. It works.

Since 2018, the amount of video people are consuming online has almost doubled, so, for your building product, it’s important to get a slice of the pie. You don’t want to be waiting on the sidelines, seeing your competitors benefitting from content that is often 12 times more successful than any other medium.

And before you start dragging your heels at the thought of investing in state-of-the-art cameras and elaborate lighting rigs, there are 2 far easier options to cover. Firstly, your construction marketing agency should have video capabilities providing scriptwriters and video editors for you. Secondly, if that’s not possible, your smartphone is more than good enough to create a short film of your building product or an introduction to your team.

Video marketing has never been easier or more important, and with 86% of businesses using it as a viable marketing tool, you need to make sure it’s part of your construction marketing strategy.


#4 Put Users First In Your Website Design

How many times have you visited a website and been frustrated you haven’t been able to find the information you’re looking for?

It’s not the 1990s anymore and you can’t get away with a small website, limited on content, funnelling every visitor to call your switchboard. Instead, you need to put the user first and design your website around their expectations; your website is the flagbearer of your construction marketing strategy.

Content needs to be engaging and helpful, not just a repurposed version of your brochure. Remember 80% of the buyer’s journey is completed prior to reaching out to sales, so if your building product website can’t do the heavy lifting and answer those key questions, it’s a wasted resource.

More people than ever are visiting your website from mobile devices, so when it comes to designing and building your website, considering mobile optimization is a critical component to creating an unrivalled customer experience. 

Things as simple as menu layout and the colour scheme are a start, but content needs to address problems your target market faces and how your product could be the one to solve them.

On top of this, chatbots, calls-to-action and clear contact details are a must. How is a prospect supposed to reach out to you or leave their information if there is no clear place to do so?

With a cutting-edge building product, don’t let a poorly designed website force your customers elsewhere.

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#5 Perfect Your Personas: Who You’re Selling To Guides Your Construction Marketing Strategy.

Writing content that converts is one thing. Appealing to those specific personas within the construction sector is something else entirely.

For construction marketing, not having a clear and detailed buyer persona is the content equivalent of being blindfolded while playing darts.

You might be regularly throwing stuff out there, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be hitting triple 20, let alone the board.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer, combining what you know from existing customers and what you’d ideally like them to be. You might have 3 or 4 different personas, but the main thing is you have them and the content you are creating is for them and them only.

With these personas outlined and regularly revisited, you can start digging deep, really investigating what it is that makes them tick. Only with this approach will your construction marketing strategy start to help you stand out in the crowd.


Deciding Your Construction Marketing Strategy

The above 5 construction marketing strategies are a start, but there are dozens of other techniques that can create the best possible results for your building product.

Combined with well-written content, SEO-rich copy and a host of other marketing techniques like email, automation and posting on social media, the construction marketing strategies throughout this guide are a recipe for success.

Remember the old saying? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to get you and your marketing team on the same page with the strategy.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t be. It might be a lot to take in but the easy way around to get your strategy in gear is by working with construction marketing experts.

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