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5 Construction Instagram Accounts to Add To Your Feed

5 Construction Instagram Accounts to Add To Your Feed

In the past year we have covered our top construction accounts for LinkedIn and TikTok, this time we will be covering Instagram.

The platform, like TikTok, is stereotyped as being a place to post “pretty” pictures of food, holiday destinations and selfies with your friends. However, it has great potential for many building product businesses and construction influencer to promote products, services and even educate others.

In this blog we have listed 5 construction Instagram accounts to add to your feed.


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1. @buildingsciencefightclub

With an audience of 100k on Instagram, 20k more than when we included Christine in our 2022 influencers blog, Christine Williamson has created a place for architects to learn and improve their designs with science to back her case.

Christine has extensive experience in building science and forensic investigations into building failures including leaks, mold, poor indoor air quality, installation defects, mechanical systems and much more.

Combining her expertise with pops of pink, her Instagram feed consists of content aimed to educate architects on avoiding common design failures, working smarter and building confidence on job sites. (pun not intended)

Whilst pink may not be stereotypically associated with the construction industry, the use of pink in graphs, text and illustrations has created a strong brand for Christine to showcase to her large following. In my opinion it takes away any feelings of (can’t remember the word, but kind of making you feel uncomfortable/unfamiliar)

Away from Instagram Christine provides technical design consulting services, providing a more practical approach to education in building science to architects, architects in training, contractors and builders.

Building science fight club instagram


2. @justaconstructionguy

The account where a influencer lifestyle meets construction, If you’re looking for light content to watch after a long day at work, this is the account to follow.

Although the real identity of Omar is still a mystery, his persona was created as a marketing ploy for Austin's Cuvée Coffee, created by Cuvée owner Mike McKim in collaboration with Bandolier Media. The aim way to create a new type of influencer whilst poking fun at influencer culture.

Today the creator still posts funny videos relating to his work, often posting diy tips or product placement. However, Omar’s character keeps it casual and uses humour in his captions to relate to his audience more than pushing the product.

Just a construction guy instagram


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3. @uk_cw

Keep up to date with one of the biggest construction events in the UK all year round.

The official account for UK Construction Week is full of insights and images from exhibitions happening across the country, showing the many stalls, guest speakers and award winners at the exhibition.

Whilst this account is slightly more corporate, it’s a great way to keep up to date with the different events going on since exhibitions have started to make a full comeback post covid. As well as see the many stands showcasing different products and technologies that cover the whole sector.



4. @mezconstruction

If you find yourself guilty of scrolling for hours looking at pictures of beautiful builds and interiors, we have another account to add to your feed.

With a combination of luxury and light-hearted captions, Mez Construction’s official Instagram account is full of aesthetic images of interiors, new builds, details you might not usually notice and behind the scenes of different projects.

Using Instagram to their advantage, Mez Construction is able to share customer feedback as well as showcase their brand and company culture to prospecting clients. And if that wasn’t enough for you their sister account @mezconstructioninteriors posts more of their interior design work.

Mez construction instagram


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5. @thep00lguy

Whilst this account may not be 100% construction based, it’s good to know how to maintain your builds after the construction process has long been finished.

Miles, a swimming pool engineer of 12 years, has a big following across Instragram as well as TikTok where he shares the process of cleaning different types of swimming pools across the UK. Not just human pools though, he also handles pools for dogs, penguins and even tigers at many wildlife parks.

This content is very popular with viewers who love to see the process of projects being carried out, especially cleaning, which is satisfying to some.

The Pool guy instagram



From this blog we have shown how Instagram can be a useful tool to have for your business in order to reach out to wider audience through social media, and allow your business to come across as casual and relatable.

These accounts have built their audience by posting consistent and high quality content, using a range of video, imagery and text in captions to get their message across.

Whether you're looking for some inspiration on your social media tactics or looking for something to scroll while you unwind for the day, give these accounts a follow!

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