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With a new age of millennial architects and specifiers and the endless pressure to stand out from a sea of competitors, we’re seeing a growing need for building product manufacturers to adopt a more digital approach to their business.

Here at Insynth, we help businesses in the building products sector, who want to fully connect with specifiers and contractors.

We work with you to resolve any strategic and technical problems within your website, sales, marketing systems, and content. 

To meet your needs, we’ve adopted a team of hard-working and highly skilled marketing strategists, sales consultants, content writers and designers.

To help your building product company, we've grown our team. We’ve welcomed four new hires to ensure your business is generating results with high-quality leads.

We welcome our latest recruit, Jack, to the Insynth (and Project Prospecta!) team.  

Carry on reading to find out more about Jack and the interesting project he’s taking the lead on.

Who Is Jack?


Ever thought about pitching a brick as a cure for loneliness? No, me neither. However, meet the person who did – Jack, our fellow new hire.

Jack has graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Creative Advertising and Copy writing.

We could say Jack loves the challenge of, using creativity and marketing strategies to help businesses grow.

Hailing from the USA, Jack is no stranger when it comes to travelling. From Virginia, Jack went to Sydney, Australia and then to London, United Kingdom.

Next, somewhere we may call home, Jack came over to the U.K. In London, Jack worked as a Junior Creative at Publicis LifeBrands. Jack got the job by pitching a brick as a cure of loneliness!

Meet Brick Buddy:


(I’m wondering how the socks are meant to fit the brick too?)

While at Publicis he worked on pitches, global campaigns, and internal work.

Jack has worked freelance for Certes Turnkey and Afrocenchix (an award-winning start-up haircare brand).

He also had the opportunity to present speculative advertising campaigns to advertising agencies, such as: Mother, AMV BBDO, GREY and Oliver.

Jack’s Interests


Jack finds a lot of inspiration in learning and within personal growth.

He enjoys reading widely and listening to podcasts. He recommends "Don't Tell Me the Score" from BBC 4 to anyone who asks.

Jack also enjoys drumming and has been drumming for 15 years (maybe we’ll see him on Eurovision soon?)

Another interest of his is snowboarding, whilst he hasn’t snowboarded in Europe yet, he is looking forward to being able to snowboard in France and Switzerland.

Jack’s role is a General Manager for Project Prospecta.

What Is Project Prospecta?


Project Prospecta is exciting for Barbour ABI subscribers. With the use of fresh AI technology, Project Prospecta searches Barbour ABI for relevant projects, makes soft outreach with prospects, and delivers qualified prospects for your sales team.

Making life easier, saving businesses time going through qualifying and prospecting project leads.

This is achieved by integrating with Barbour ABI and alerting businesses with potential prospects.

Jack is excited about Project Prospecta and the potential impact it has for clients. With his diverse experience and thirst to learn, we know Jack is a great fit for the role.

Keeping that in mind, we welcome Jack to the team!

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Sandy Bassi

Written by Sandy Bassi

Sandy is a Digital Content Marketer with Insynth Marketing Ltd. She brings to the business a First-Class Honours Degree in Marketing, Advertising & PR and a CIM Professional Diploma. She has helped businesses across the globe to achieve their marketing goals.