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HubSpot Just Conquered The One Milestone They Had Left

HubSpot Just Conquered The One Milestone They Had Left

Less than a month ago, HubSpot released a completely new Hub, the Operations Hub, that aims to be the answer to all the struggles operations teams go through on a daily basis. The dimension of the project of launching a new Hub suggested that Operations Hub would be the big surprise HubSpot had prepared for 2021. But little did we know…

HubSpot identified that the requirements of their users had changed and that they needed more support in within the operations team, making sure that their platform was catering for those new needs. Likewise, they realised that the way their users consumed content had shifted and that more and more people were turning to podcast to gain knowledge and find inspiration.

With that in mind, they launched last Wednesday their very own audio platform. Trying to become the number one podcast host that business professionals go to when seeking help or new ideas, they presented the HubSpot Podcast Network.

Why Podcasts For Your Building Product Business?

As a building product brand, the HubSpot Podcast Network can provide you with on-demand content about entrepreneurship, company growth and strategy advice. Allowing you to listen to useful content when and where you want, HubSpot is making sure that you always have resources to guarantee the growth and success of your company.

Podcasts can also be an effective way of getting your voice heard and developing your identity as a building product business. Due to the lockdowns the UK has gone through in the last year, UK digital audio listeners have reached the total weekly number of 7.1 million people. With the recent appearance of Clubhouse, it seems clear that the way people consume new content is changing and this might be a sign for your to make it part of your construction marketing content strategy.


The Network

HubSpot’s goal is not only to make an addition to the current podcasting scene, but to also lead the future of the podcast industry. This aim is partly reflected in the acquisition of The Hustle that HubSpot completed at the beginning of 2021. The Network is meant to be a place of discovery, conversation, and inspiration, letting the people that overcame challenges and revolutionise their business tell their story first-hand.

At the time of its launch, the HubSpot Podcast Network offers six distinct shows that aim to cover a wide range of topics, from which they highlight leadership, business infrastructure, operations, sales, marketing, and tech.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Whilst the goal of this award-winning daily podcast has been to interview the most successful entrepreneurs in the last years, its Founder and Host John Lee Dumas remains one of its best examples. Entrepreneurs of Fire aims to broadcast the day-to-day life of leading businesspeople as well as learning the secrets that brought them to success.

Business Infrastructure

A very needed podcast focused on increasing business capacity and scaling operations profitability, promises to teach entrepreneurs not only how to grow, but how to support that progress with a solid operations team. The Founder of Business Infrastructure, Alicia Butler Pierre, helps businesses to be faster, more efficient and streamlined.

Being Boss

Founded by Emily Thompson as a community for creative entrepreneurs, this podcast gathers the highs and lows of owning a creative business and explores the tools and mindsets that have led her to own a podcast with over 9 million downloads. This podcast pays special attention to those facing new projects as freelancers and side-hustlers.

The MarTech Podcast

Bringing you a perfect mixture between progress and the tactics that have always worked, this podcast tells the story of world-class marketers that have learnt how to use technology in their favour and achieved growth in a particularly competitive environment. Ben Shapiro, co-Host of the MarTech Podcast, explains why he left a successful career in corporate to become an independent business consultant.

My First Million

Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, hosts of this podcast, pride themselves of making money and they would like you to do the same. Inviting emerging millionaires to their show, they aim to unveil the strategy that took them to their first million earned. Sam Parr was also the founder of The Hustle, that became part of HubSpot earlier this year.

The Salesman Podcast

Focused on sales and B2B professionals, this podcast is a breath of fresh air when it comes to identifying buyers and being successful in your business in a modern, ethical, and efficient way. Their priority is to simplify an area that has become too confusing and make sure that you have all the information you need to close your first deal.


HubSpot’s Commitment to Free Resources

The commitment of HubSpot to the creation of educational content has taken them to build one of the most complete learning platforms for business builders, the HubSpot Academy. As a HubSpot user, you have access to over 400 lessons that will teach you how to grow your business using innovative strategies and efficient tactics.

At the basis of this philosophy lies the idea that audiences are attracted to a product or a platform through the value of the ideas offered and, as a result, that a remarkable content is what makes a remarkable brand. And, in order to reach as many people as possible, that content needs to be available and affordable, which means that, sometimes, educating your contacts with free content can be a good way of growing your authority and close a deal.

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