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How To Generate More Construction Product Leads?

How To Generate More Construction Product Leads?

Leads. No building product business would deny their importance.

Without them, you’re sitting in stasis. With them, you are driving your business forward.

While their importance can’t be understated, finding ways of getting construction leads can be challenging. Getting more leads helps you convert into more sales and in turn, more money.


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Construction Leads: Getting Organised

Who is your ideal customer?

If you can’t answer this simple question, then how are you supposed to know how to position your marketing and get more of the right fit leads?

You can start this by creating a buyer persona. A research-based profile, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on characteristics such as what position they hold or what their day-to-day challenges are.

If, for example, you target architects, you'll more than likely find that the ones are conducting product research of normally millennial specifiers. This completely changes how you engage with them, as they will want an online solution before picking up the phone to speak to anyone. This is in contrast with the slightly older and more seasoned architect, who we have found to specify more from habit.

Creating a buyer persona for your building product brand helps you better understand exactly who you want to target and who you want those all-important leads from.

An architect will have different needs and requirements to, say, a quantity surveyor. So, your content and overall messaging should be appealing to them.

If you are targeting multiple buyer personas, you should spend time researching each of these groups. You may need to re-structure your content, so each persona has their own 'area on your website curated for them. Understanding who you are targeting means you can provide them with the right information at the right time, helping them become viable leads.

This brings us to the next step. Creating content that converts.


Creating Content To Get More Construction Leads

Content is the single most important component of any marketing strategy. Think about it for a moment.

Whether you’re reading a blog, scrolling through a website, reading an advert or downloading a guide; the difference between someone becoming a lead or moving on to find another provider of a similar building product is well-curated content.

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘thought leader’ and how that can be a vital step in you getting more construction leads.

It’s your vision of the future that makes you stand out among the crowd. If you are on the cutting edge of your industry and are leading the way with product design, then your content needs to highlight this.

It should solve your audiences' problems - whether that's helping them reduce cost, increase site efficiencies or, in the case of architects and design professionals, make their projects look beautiful.

Whether you’re writing a blog about the latest regulation changes in your corner of the construction industry, looking forward to upcoming changes in health and safety in a CPD, or sending out regular marketing emails highlighting the unique design of your building product, the better the content is, the more likely it’ll appeal to your buyer personas.

If it does, then you’ll be guaranteed to bring in far more construction leads than ever before.


Get More Construction Leads With Online Resources

Is your website fully optimised, designed with your target audience in mind and getting you a steady stream of regular leads?

Let’s get you more.

Don’t stop because your website is complete, it never is. It should always be added to and adapted based on the data.

There are also dozens of other places that you can make use of. That way, whether you’re found through your website, or another digital service, the number of leads you receive continues to increase.

Google My Business

A free resource that allows you to list your building product business on Google and Google Maps, Google My Business is another avenue to promote your business.

With the ability to upload images and content, statistics show 64% of consumers are more likely to visit websites listed as a Google Business.


You might have heard of the importance of listing your building product brand on directories. While there are dozens to choose from, Yell is the leading UK directory and makes you stand out among the crowd, particularly around local searches.

Social Media

While it might not help generate a huge number of construction leads, having a presence on social media is key for brand awareness.

Being in the circles your leads mix in combined with sharing your thought leadership content is a great way to subconsciously influence prospects into becoming leads.


Generate More Construction Leads

Minimal input, maximum output.

It doesn’t take much to start creating a higher number of leads for your building product business.

It starts with the obvious. Who are you targeting? This is the single most important step. Get it right and everything else will follow.

Then combining well written ‘thought leadership’ content and making sure you are visible in more places than just your website, you’re in the driving seat for not just more leads but leads of greater quality.

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