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How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Building Products Brand.

How Email Marketing Can Benefit Your Building Products Brand.

Email marketing should be a standard in your building products business, but what are the true benefits of using email? 

Brand recognition, increase in engagement and establishing authority in your space are all benefits of using email, but just how do they benefit your building products brand?  

In this blog we will be looking at exactly that, so read on to find out more… 

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Improve brand recognition For Your Building Product Brand 

The more you interact with your contact database, the more they’ll recognise your brand. How they see it, however, is down to you.  

The content you provide your audience will ultimately be the difference between positive and negative brand recognition.  

If you provide them with unhelpful, sales-based information, chances are your emails will be seen as spammy, and often ignored by the recipients of your emails, and if nobody is seeing them, then they won’t benefit your building products brand.  

The best way to gain positive brand recognition is to provide consistent, helpful emails to your contacts, in a way that benefits them. this will enable them to understand your brand better and make their own judgement regarding how they feel towards it.  


Increase customer engagement Amongst Your Specifiers 

Your main goal from your email marketing is engagement. If people aren’t engaging, you need to ask yourself why.  

Is your content irrelevant? What are your subject lines? Are they right for your audience? When are you sending your emails? Whom are they going to?  

All of this is important in ensuring your customers engage with your building product brand.  

Once you have the engagement and find what works, your email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for your building products brand.  

Engagement in your content means people are opening and essentially reading and clicking on your emails. This results in them fully acknowledging your brand, as well as learning about your product. The more you teach and inform about why your product is right for their problem, the more likely you are to convert your lead.  


Establish authority in the space 

Email marketing is a great way to show off your extensive knowledge of not only your solution but the problem of your audience and how you can help them in an informative way.  

Your goal is to educate your audience and get them to a level where they can understand your product, and see for themselves how your product helps them.  

Using your knowledge and expertise to educate your audience is a great way to establish authority in your space.  

The more you have to try and sell your product, the less authority you have. You should use email to get to a point where your product sells itself, as your audience can clearly see what your product offers that’s different to others, and then go on to understand why it is the correct option for them. 


Serve timely reminders to your contact database.  

We’ve all been there, you’re clearing emails and then you see an email from a brand you haven’t thought about for a while, and before you know it you’re scrolling through their website with a chance you might buy something.  

All that’s happening is as you see that brand you think “I wonder what’s new” and have a look.  

If you are consistently sending out emails to your audience, chances are the odd one or two will result in this reminding process happening for them.  

The best way to move people onto your website, however, is through the use of CTA’s and interactive content for your audience, to give them a reason to engage with your emails more often.  



When done right, emails can be extremely powerful from your building products brand, however, if done wrong they can have the opposite effect and essentially damage your brand image.  

It is important to be consistent and informative with your email marketing, and give the right impression to your audience, whilst also educating them to show your product is the best option. 


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