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Jack Meisinger

Jack is the Chief Revenue Officer at Insynth

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4 min read

Marketing to Architects: Auditing Your Efforts

By Jack Meisinger on 10-Oct-2023 11:00:00

So you want to market to architects and are ready to go all in? What’s the next step? The key to any project is a solid bit of analysis. 

Topics: Marketing Strategy
10 min read

Marketing to Architects: The Specification Process & RIBA PLAN OF WORK

By Jack Meisinger on 16-Aug-2023 17:05:54

Before you start getting into the tactics of how to market to architects, it’s important to understand the specification process they go through, and how that fits into the project life cycle.

This enables you to convey the right messages, andprovide the right materials, at the right time. 

Topics: Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy
14 min read

The Challenge of Marketing to Architects

By Jack Meisinger on 27-Jul-2023 10:25:52

Why should you read an article about marketing to architects? 

There are two potential reasons.  

1. you are a marketer for a building product company.

2. You are responsible for revenue for a building product company and are seeing a decrease in sales performance and wondering whether marketing can help.

Topics: Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy
8 min read

INTERVIEW: Dennis Helderman, Co-founder easyToolHire

By Jack Meisinger on 28-Jun-2023 14:49:27

In our most recent episode of SNAGGED (the construction sales and marketing podcast) we interviewed Dennis Helderman, Co-Founder and CCO of EasyToolHire, about the challenge of modernising a "hand shake" industry.

EasyToolHire has successfully brought an eCommerce experience to their customers. Dennis revealed that the key to their growth has been a strong focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, he also acknowledged the challenges they have faced in getting it right.

Topics: SEO Marketing Strategy
7 min read

Top 5 Building Product Websites (April 2023)

By Jack Meisinger on 19-Apr-2023 15:45:39

Here's a list of 5 of the best building product websites.

This is in no way a complete list – it is 5 of our favourites! Over the coming months we will continue to highlight building product companies that are also doing a great job serving their customers online (stay tuned). 

Topics: Website Design
5 min read

Specification Marketing: Why Digital Specialists Get it Wrong

By Jack Meisinger on 16-Mar-2023 16:28:42

Building product businesses are racing to support specifiers’ online specification research process, but are not getting the best advice on how to do this. Digital specialists are not generally construction specialists, and often don’t understand the complexities of the industry and the specification route to market.

Before we go any further on this, first let’s address what makes the digital specification research process so important.

Topics: Content Marketing Website
5 min read

How to Beat Bigger Brands with Modern CPD Strategy

By Jack Meisinger on 24-Feb-2023 10:13:17

Many businesses don't understand the full potential of CPD.

They have KPI’s for their sales team to deliver x number of CPD’s per year. Or they have a goal to get RIBA approval. Or they have a series of slideshows hosted on their website.

But most companies don't have a CPD educational program delivered over multiple channels despite the fact that this has massive potential to drive sales.

Topics: Content Marketing CPD Inbound Marketing
2 min read

How AI is Changing Marketing

By Jack Meisinger on 30-Jan-2023 15:20:14

Microsoft recently made a $10 billion investment in an artificial intelligence company called Open AI.

Topics: Content Marketing
2 min read

Specification Marketing: Marketing to Architects

By Jack Meisinger on 19-Jan-2023 16:47:58

Marketing to specifiers can be a daunting task.

Topics: Lead Generation Inbound Marketing
4 min read

SPECIFICATION MARKETING: 6 Steps to Project-Based Marketing

By Jack Meisinger on 18-Nov-2022 16:53:13

Over the past decade, many marketing departments have initiated account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

Topics: Inbound Marketing
6 min read

How Architects Really Feel About Your Website (10 Specifier Insights)

By Jack Meisinger on 03-Nov-2022 16:44:52

At the beginning of the year, we interviewed 7 architects in Manchester to help us understand what they think about building product websites.

Topics: Website Inbound Marketing
6 min read

The Rare Skill Of Specification Marketing

By Jack Meisinger on 27-Oct-2022 15:53:45

There is a huge need for specification marketers. But there are not many of them out there. And not many people understand what specification marketing is and how it’s different from traditional construction marketing.

Topics: Inbound Marketing
3 min read

#INBOUND22: From the Front Lines of Libya to Tech Entrepreneur

By Jack Meisinger on 23-Sep-2022 11:01:57

Trint CEO and founder Jeff Kofman talks about how his previous career as an Emmy award winning wartime reporter from places like Iraq and Libya prepared him for life as the Founder of a tech company. Jeff draws on five key lessons that he learned from the field and how they can be applied to the tech world as he has navigated this chapter of his career.

Topics: INBOUND22
4 min read

#Inbound22: Podcast Interviewing Masterclass

By Jack Meisinger on 09-Sep-2022 15:05:34


If you’ve ever turned on a podcast microphone and recorded yourself asking someone else questions about their life and work, you know that interviewing is far more than an innate ability. In this session at INBOUND22, former journalist and long-time podcaster Michael Ashford explained how to master your interview technique to create powerful conversations. 

Topics: INBOUND22
5 min read

How To Make Landing Pages For Your Barbour ABI Or Glenigan Campaign

By Jack Meisinger on 17-Jan-2022 17:11:23

We’ve talked about the importance of setting a specific goal for your Barbour ABI email campaign (to read more about that click here). But after you have a goal, you need a landing page that will convert your contacts and help you achieve your goal. If your goal is for a prospect to download a whitepaper, view an infographic, use a calculator, or book a meeting, then you need a landing page focused on helping people do that. 

Topics: Content Marketing
5 min read

How To Use Barbour ABI Or Glenigan To Book More CPDs

By Jack Meisinger on 07-Jan-2022 17:17:09

Selling to architects is challenging. To start with, there are only approximately 57,000 architects in all of the UK. A relatively small market. Then, it’s difficult to stand out. Architects don’t like getting pitched on products.

Topics: CPD
4 min read

A Digital Marketer Goes Cold Calling

By Jack Meisinger on 17-Dec-2021 11:36:53

“We don’t do cold calling here!” says Dan Tyre during our Hubspot Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

Topics: Sales
5 min read

5 Important Marketing Resources For Sales Enablement

By Jack Meisinger on 11-Feb-2021 18:10:39

If you’re a building product business with limited resources, creating marketing materials for your sales team may not be your first priority. 

But I've seen many building products businesses whose marketing is actually working against their sales teams' efforts.

Topics: Content Marketing Sales
5 min read

How Buyer Personas Will Help Your Business Grow

By Jack Meisinger on 28-Jan-2021 16:38:59

In my role with Project Prospecta, I find myself involved with sales more days than not. In my other role at Insynth, I help out with marketing. Being on both sides has given me a new appreciation of the need for sales and marketing to work together.

It’s so important for every part of your business to work towards a common goal (not doing "random acts of marketing").

Topics: Content Marketing
4 min read

Come back stronger in 2021 (5 keys to overcoming business setbacks)

By Jack Meisinger on 04-Jan-2021 09:00:00

2020 is over, but the challenges didn't disappear when you flipped the calendar page.

Topics: Content Marketing SEO
4 min read

How to Connect with Specifiers in 2021

By Jack Meisinger on 23-Dec-2020 09:00:00

How do you get in front of architects, designers, buyers, and specifiers as the pandemic rolls into the New Year? Business won't stop, but it will change. And the need to connect with specifiers will continue to change the way we reach out.

3 min read

Why Video for Construction Sales Works

By Jack Meisinger on 11-Dec-2020 17:27:56

We have left the digital era and entered the digital only era. At least for now. And the industry likely will never return to “normal”. And while we will be happy to say goodbye to 2020 and physical restrictions, there are some ways of working that we will take with us. The primary one is video.

5 min read

3 Mistakes Sales Reps Make with Barbour ABI and Glenigan Leads

By Jack Meisinger on 09-Oct-2020 16:57:18

Following up with Barbour ABI and Glenigan leads is a bit different than following up leads from other sources.

These services provide very targeted searches. But on the other, the results can be quite overwhelming. Where do you start with 1000's of leads?

Topics: Sales
3 min read

5 Questions To Ask Before Subscribing To Barbour ABI or Glenigan

By Jack Meisinger on 02-Oct-2020 19:05:43

Thinking of subscribing to a market intelligence service like Barbour ABI or Glenigan in order to find some new leads for your building product business?

4 min read

Live @ INBOUND 2020: Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

By Jack Meisinger on 23-Sep-2020 12:00:19


Marketers often ask: what is everyone else doing? 

But this is the wrong question, according to Ty Heath and Jon Lombardo of The B2B Institute. They broke down 3 trends that most B2B companies aren't doing, but are working, and will work for a long time at their recent talk at Inbound 2020.

Jon referenced Jeff Bezos’ approach to marketing. Jeff doesn’t ask, “what’s changing and how do I be a part of it?” but instead, “what’s not going to change in 10 years time and how do I build on that?”

Here are the highlights.

2 min read

3 Tips for Managing Barbour ABI or Glenigan Leads

By Jack Meisinger on 04-Sep-2020 16:44:53

So you subscribed to Barbour ABI or Glenigan? Or maybe you’ve been a subscriber for a while.

Topics: Sales MarTech
3 min read

Misconceptions about AI for Barbour ABI and Glenigan

By Jack Meisinger on 28-Aug-2020 09:34:15

Here are some of the common responses when you suggest using AI to scale marketing for a construction or building product company.

3 min read

Project Prospecta Origin Story

By Jack Meisinger on 21-Aug-2020 14:30:43


This week I interviewed Leigh Simpson, the founder of Project Prospecta, to learn where the idea came from.

Topics: Content Marketing Sales MarTech
10 min read

How Do Barbour ABI And Glenigan Work?

By Jack Meisinger on 12-Aug-2020 16:52:45

The construction industry is undergoing a thorough transformation. Since COVID-19 hit, construction leaders have been consistently working to improve the digital outreach of their companies. 1 in every 2 construction professionals considered the sector to had been painfully slow at adopting innovative techniques, and that could account for the tight benefit margins of the industry in the last few years.  

Topics: Sales
3 min read

5 fast ways to generate construction sales leads

By Jack Meisinger on 30-Jul-2020 16:30:01

Cold calling is one thing. Cold calling during a pandemic is another. One sales rep I talked to said receptionists are taking 20 minutes to transfer calls and many of his contacts have been furloughed.  That’s tough.

Topics: Sales