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Marketing to Architects: Auditing Your Efforts

Marketing to Architects: Auditing Your Efforts

So you want to market to architects and are ready to go all in? What’s the next step? The key to any project is a solid bit of analysis. 

This article will help you benchmark your current marketing success, so you can start creating a plan for improvement.

In this article, we present a step-by-step guide that leverages valuable insights from the "Marketing to Architects" blog series to audit 10 key areas so you can fine-tune your approach and establish a powerful connection with architects.



Marketing to Architects: 10 Point Audit

  1. Voice of the Customer: Assess whether your current marketing materials and content address the specific challenges faced by architects in their projects. Does your copy start with "we" or "you". Does it address the key benefits architects are looking for? Does it resonates with their pain points and offers valuable solutions? [For more information on this, check out HubSpot's resources on The Voice of the Customer and this article on the persona of an architect.]

  2. Content Relevance and Value: How much traffic does your website drive per month? How does this stack up to your competitors? Where are you content gaps? How does your social media activity stack up? You can use the LinkedIn Competitors Analytics tool to track this. Do you have an active list of email subscribers with healthy open and click-through rates? 

  3. Educational Resources: Is your CPD up to date? Is it available in a virtual format? Could you build a virtual CPD academy? Are you providing other valuable educational resources like whitepapers and webinars to build credibility and trust among architects?

  4. Competitor Analysis: Conduct a competitive analysis for inspiration, to understand gaps in your own content, and also identify for opportunities for differentiation. “When everyone else zigs, zag”.

  5. Digital Marketing Effectiveness: Audit your content to ensure it is relevant, informative, and positions your products as reliable solutions. Do you have content that addresses architects frequently asked questions? Consider experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EEAT).

  6. Lead Generation and Conversion: How well are your forms and calls-to-action performing? Once visitors land on your website, are they engaging further - reaching out to sales and specifying your product? There may be a conversion rate optimisation issue underlying poor marketing performance.

  7. Business Metrics: Website traffic is great, but how many meetings have come inbound from architects in the last year through marketing channels? This analysis of revenue related metrics may uncover deeper issues.
  8. Growth Gap analysis: What are your goals for 2024? With this in mind, how many website visitors, leads, enquiries, and specifications would you need to achieve them? By building out a conversion funnel model you can identify weak areas of your sales and marketing process and focus on improving the right areas to make your efforts more effective, enabling you to hit those targets. 




Marketing to architects is not a one-time endeavor. It's an ongoing process of learning, adapting, and refining your strategies to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. What may have not worked before may not be working today. Hopefully this audit guide provides a helpful starting place for evaluating your current efforts at marketing architects.

By integrating architect-centric marketing into your company's DNA, you can confidently position your building products against your competition, build lasting relationships, strengthen your brand presence, and seize the exciting opportunities that arise as this program starts to take off.

We hope this blog series has helped you evaluate, form, or update your specification marketing strategy. If you'd like support and an objective perspective to carry out an audit feel free to book a meeting with on of our experts. 


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