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How AI is Changing Marketing

How AI is Changing Marketing

Microsoft recently made a $10 billion investment in an artificial intelligence company called Open AI.

Open AI have two very popular AI products: Chat GPT and DALL·E 2.

In the past three weeks, Microsoft announced that they would lengthen the length of their partnership, and invest billions more into the company.


Because unlike Zuck's “metaverse” and Musk’s “super-app”, this tech is launched and is already being used to help professionals do their jobs.

Chat GPT has been used to write website code, content strategies, email campaigns, and tweets.

DALL·E 2 created this version of Michelangelo’s David DJ’ing a dance party [see below].


This raises a big question: what happens when marketers use Chat GPT to create content?

This is where it gets interesting.

AI has the potential to create hundreds of blogs targeting high-volume search terms in a matter of hours.

However, Google anticipated this and rolled out the “Helpful Content” update back in August of 2022. This update finished rolling out in January 2023.

Google says this update is, “part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.”

By people, for people.

In other words, Google doesn’t want Chat GPT clogging up it’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here’s the rest of the advice about how to rank well on Google, from Google:

Focus on people-first content

  • Know your audience and create focused content
  • Create content that is educational and helps your audience achieve their goal
  • Demonstrate first-hand experience and depth of knowledge

Avoid creating content for search engines first

  • Don’t produce lots of content on disparate topics
  • Don’t use extensive automation to produce content
  • Don’t just regurgitate other content found on the internet
  • Don’t write for word count (Google says they don’t have a preference for lengthy pages)

Marketers who rely extensively on automation like Chat GPT 3 and Jasper AI will likely find that this Google update torpedos all of their “work”.

Is this surprising?

Not really. The engineers at Google are smart people. Not to be outsmarted (yet) by a robot.

And we’re on their side on this one.

Content should be written by people for people, and relay helpful advice, gained through years of experience, relating to topics their audience has questions about.

Because content marketing and inbound marketing are more than just a tactic for gaining search traffic.

It’s a philosophy, that puts the customer at the centre of your marketing.

It’s a human-first strategy.

Because even if you manage to get more traffic, poor quality content isn’t going to help your prospects trust you and decide to make an enquiry.

But thoughtful, helpful, relevant content, will.

Ok, that’s it for now.

You can learn more about a human-first approach to content marketing in our guide.

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