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THE APPRENTICE: Insynth Edition

THE APPRENTICE: Insynth Edition

As more building products and construction companies become more educated on the Inbound marketing methodology, Insynth is pleased to welcome our new Digital Marketing apprenticeJosh Simpsonto the ever-growing team. 

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major on construction marketing, Insynth is leading the way with the latest inbound marketing techniques and welcomes this opportunity to help develop individuals' professional skills further. 

Josh’s story

Entering 2020, Josh was optimistic, looking forward to his final 6 months of his A-Level courses, and getting the exams out of the way. Howeverdue to the Covid-19 pandemic, Josh is part of the first year group to not sit any A-level exams in 69 years, since their introduction in 1951, making this year group a part of history.  

Having studied various A level subjects, Josh is used to working with deadlines for work, especially given that he has joined us not long after his school year was cut short. Josh will be working with us on a digital marketing apprenticeship, working alongside Digital content marketer Rich, to help further his knowledge of digital marketing whilst progressing towards a degree at the end of a 4-year course.  

Josh brings fresh ideas with him, as well as a good understanding of social media, given that he has used it for a large portion of his life. He also brings with him an entrepreneurial mindset, with aspirations of having his own company in the future.  

When he isn’t working, you will find Josh playing football, working on his different business ideas, or taking online courses to expand his knowledge in different areas to help fulfil his potential.  

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Why inbound marketing?  

When the opportunity came to work for a growing company, such as Insynth, Josh jumped at it. He saw the role as a chance to help move forward in his career, as well as his academic progress, as he is able to work, and earn a degree at the same time.  

Josh has experienced outbound marketing first hand, as many people have, and more often than not, it drove him away from using the company or product, due to the dated, aggressive and disruptive methods used.  

He feels that inbound marketing is a much better approach to marketing and engaging potential customers, as it puts them in control, and allows them to move through the buyers journey at their own pace, when they’re ready to do so, making inbound companies more desirable to purchase from.  


This is an exciting time for Insynth as it continues to grow its client base, employing specialists from a range of backgrounds and creating diverse, engaging and stand-out content. Insynth is proud to share this journey with you. 

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