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#INBOUND2021: Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing And Sales With Customer Voice Content

#INBOUND2021: Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing And Sales With Customer Voice Content

Live from #INBOUND2021

It’s the third and final day at #INBOUND2021.

It goes without saying that this years event has been an incredible insight into the latest marketing techniques and methodologies. Even more so, as they have guided their businesses through a global pandemic.

Today we have the pleasure of listening to Jeff Ernst, CEO and Co-Founder of SlapFive, as he discusses how we can improve our inbound marketing and sales by injecting the customer’s voice into everything we do.

Jeff highlights that it’s getting much tougher to get your content in front of the right audience. These days buyers want to hear your customer’s voice, so why do we write everything in our company’s voice?

In today’s talk we are going to learn eight concrete, actionable tactics that we can all inject immediately into our marketing efforts to skyrocket it’s success.

How to help customers share their voice

Jeff explains that getting your customers to share their voices within your company will not only improve how you are perceived, but will empower future customers to become part of your journey.

Inbound content is often written in the company’s voice, but the question is: why?

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Based on this data, it’s clear that customers are looking for content that is driven by people like them. They want to hear about previous customer’s journeys with you.

So how can we create inbound content that promotes our customer’s voices?

Curate advice and knowledge from customers.. for customers

Jeff explains that testimonials or endorsements whilst sometimes effective, are not making the most of the opportunity.

By giving your customers a chance to share their knowledge and advice around your company’s products or services, you will be offering content that customers can relate to, making them feel heard.

He even shows us how we can implement audio snippets where customers discuss how their pain points were resolved by your company.

By embracing customer voice within your website, blogs or pilar posts you are showing that what you do matters.

Make the customer the hero of the story

Far too many case studies make the product the star of the show – naturally right? We want to show how well we are doing with our services or offerings.

By changing focus to your customer’s journey, you are not only making content that is more personable, but also helping your customer to promote themselves within the community.

Offer customers choices around permissions

Putting the power back in the customers hands will only have positive effects on the relationship you have with them. Ensure that you are upfront and clear about wanting to share their story with your company and allow them the opportunity to decline.

Strike at magic moments in your customer relationship

Asking your customer to share their voice whilst they are achieving a milestone with your company is a perfect opportunity to share their journey. This can be anything from starting a relationship with your business, hitting a business objective… etc.

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Have your customer’s trusted contact at your company liaison with them

When asking your customers to share their voices and journeys, have the opportunity come from the person they trust within your company. Building this relationship one-on-one builds confidence and trust.

Capture spontaneous testimony

Always be ready to make use of spontaneous testimony from your customers, so it can be turned into reusable customer voice assets. These moments of gratitude and appreciation are the ones that future customers will be listening to.

Make it simple for customers to share their voice

Having an open channel of communication between your business and your customers is hugely important. If a customer can share their voice without obstacles, it’ll become something they are more than happy to do on a regular basis.

Give your customers something unexpected

Jeff offers a word of warning here, noting that you shouldn’t make your relationship with your customers a transactional one. They shouldn’t be sharing their voice and promoting your business because they’re expecting a reward.

But unexpectedly or randomly showing your most valuable customer a token of appreciation is a great way to display your gratitude.


Listening to Jeff Ernst highlight the importance of customer voice is actually very eye-opening. From sharing a customer’s experience or journey with your company to actually implementing voice audio-clips, the benefits are painstakingly obvious.

Following this, maybe we could all learn a thing or two about positioning our customers as hero’s within our businesses.

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