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#INBOUND2021: 5 Essential Tips From A LinkedIn Ads Expert

#INBOUND2021: 5 Essential Tips From A LinkedIn Ads Expert

Live From #INBOUND2021

The final day of INBOUND and we’re still just scratching the surface of all the amazing presentations, seminars and debates going on.

The latest was another ‘must watch’ as LinkedIn’s Amanda Green and Kaitlin Bellay talked through some essential tips to really boost leads and conversions on everyone’s favourite networking platform: LinkedIn.

Amanda presented 5 top tips that can really help you turn those ideal prospects into customers.

Full Funnel Marketing Will Improve ROI

It wouldn’t be a HubSpot event without a mention of some sort of customer funnel. But understanding this helps you understand where you need to spend your money.

Do you spend it at the top of the funnel, when people are just learning about your brand, or further down when it’s all about conversion?

Amanda advises a 60/40 split in favour of the former, focusing slightly more of your budget on getting people into the funnel.

After all, you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, it takes time to build up trust.

Your LinkedIn strategy is the same.

Avoid Hyper-Targeting To Maximise Campaign Performance

It can be easy to fall into the trap of narrowing down you’re targeting to a handful of prospects who specifically fit into the demographics you’re searching for, but that’s not going to work.

Instead, you need to be broader, scale is key. Only after you've tried a broad group and you analyse the results can you really begin to see what is working and what isn’t.

You need enough data to be able to tell the right story, with Amanda recommending anything over 50,000, but in the general area of 100-300,000.

Lower Lead Costs By Using Lead Gen Forms

Budgets can quickly skyrocket as you continue the search for leads, but there are a number of free tools out there that can help you really find more leads.

Connected to your Ads, these forms are a brilliant alternative to landing pages, and have a 5x higher conversion rate than traditional landing pages, making them almost too good to miss.

There’s a helpful cheat sheet that Amanda talked through which talks through the entire process of targeting, publishing content and collecting leads, before iterating, improving and going again. With this approach, there’s a huge likelihood your leads will increase.

cheat sheet

Create Content Experiences With Your Audience In Mind

It takes an average of 8-10 touchpoints for a potential buyer to become a qualified lead. This is why content is so important (and why we love shouting about it!).

It’s all about the value of ‘thought leaders' and how important what they have to say is to the potential customer which is why you have to make your content span the full funnel stage.

At the awareness stage, you have to show your knowledge with perhaps an infographic, at consideration, you’re leaving the prospect to really think about what you have to say. Then, when the time's right, at the acquisition stage, they will be ready to choose you and your product or service.

Leverage LinkedIn Insights To Improve Marketing Performance

Another tool in the LinkedIn advocate’s arsenal is the LinkedIn Insights tools, which helps users understand what they are doing and how they can do it better.

A range of features, like recommending target audiences, comparing the different landing pages and helps you really find out what drives the highest quality of leads.

Having the tools available and not using them is like doing your shopping but not eating any food. They’re there, so make the most of them.


LinkedIn can seem daunting at first, especially for those not ‘savvy’ with the latest social media trends but picture it as a virtual 24/7 networking event.

Your customers are out there, no doubt. But how you find them, hook them, and reel them in is the real test.

There are countless things you can do to gain graphics, but when it comes to LinkedIn Ads, if you stick to what the experts tell you, you won’t go far wrong.

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