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Content For Construction: 6 Blogging Tips You Should Master

Content For Construction: 6 Blogging Tips You Should Master

Content For Construction_ 6 Blogging Tips You Should Master

To begin this post, I’d like to share some statistics that might surprise you:


I’ve included these statistics to highlight the potential that blogging has in ultimately increasing your sales.  

Consistently blogging for your building products and construction company contributes to a powerful brand voice and improved SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This, in turn, gives your brand a competitive edge.

Blogging also allows you to showcase your uniqueness, values, practices, and culture.

We’re asking all building products and construction companies to look beyond the tools in their toolbox and start seeing blogging as another useful tool for increasing revenue.


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1. Address Common Questions

When deciding upon your content ideas, we recommend that you start with the common questions that you get asked regularly.

If you can address these common questions and answer them in informative, compelling ways, you’ll gain trust with customers.

The building products and construction industry is full of ‘What if’ and ‘How do I’ questions. By answering these queries, you’ll become a fountain of knowledge and stand out amongst your sea of competitors.



2. Variety

A blog doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a written article. Consider the ‘reading style’ of your audience and aim to include variety in your content blogging.

Could an infographic answer a query better than a thousand-word article? Depending on the subject matter, perhaps a visual representation will resonate more with your audience.

Have you considered interviewing skilled workers and craftsmen? This could form the basis of an interesting blog (or series of blogs). It will also provide your readers with an insight into the design and construction process of your product. What better way to build trust with your audience than demonstrating your product’s value in this way?

Not all blogs have to be about your brand. Consider writing about the industry as a whole. We will discuss this further on in point six.

interview with construction worker


3. Stick To A Schedule 

A few weeks back, I discussed the importance of planning a framework for content creation. From an internet ranking perspective, blogging is far more successful if it is regular and plentiful.

With the busy nature of the building products and construction industry, it can easy to let your blogging fall behind.

In this instance, consider outsourcing your marketing to share the workload. If you neglect your online marketing, you’ll find yourself with diminishing traffic to your website and a thinning stream of new clients.

To learn more about planning a framework for content creation and sticking to a set schedule, click here.

4. Use Local-Specific Keywords

This depends on your companies’ specific capabilities and offering. If your company is in its infancy, we recommend that you used location-specific keywords within your blogs. This will enable local customers to easily find you.

If you offer services in several different cities of towns, make sure to include the names of all those locations where possible.


5. Re-purpose Old Content

Yes, it’s difficult to come up with fresh ideas all the time. Take a look back at some of your older, more successful blogs and consider ways in which they could be improved and updated.

Could they be improved with a more recent statistic; Perhaps an interesting infographic, or even a video or image?

By improving your current content, your business can reach new customers and gain valuable recognition.

recycled bottles


6. Deliver Expert Insights And Newsworthy Topics

The most successful companies are those that look beyond their brand and their offering. Consider new and upcoming regulations within your industry and write an informative blog about them.

Look at your industry as a whole and don’t be afraid to offer your expert insight. Insulation specialists, Celotex wrote about the ‘London Plan’ and its emphasis on climate change.

By providing their audience with news-related information, Celotex is marketing itself as a news source and a place where people look for information.


Business Goals

To recap, let’s explore some of the benefits that blogging can bring to your building products and construction company.

Firstly, the more content you produce, the more likely you are to appear in search engine results. This increases the number of people that visit your website.

If your website is effective (as in, it uses relevant conversion tactics), it will convert that traffic into leads. If there is an increase in lead generation, it allows your sales team more of an opportunity to convert those leads into orders or sales.

Blogging is also cost-effective. When compared to paid advertising and other traditional advertising methods, blogging is a hugely cost-effective marketing tool that could potentially deliver maximum impact.



Blogging takes time, but you have the experts within your company to contribute and help create success.

Pick out a few ‘fountains of knowledge’ ambassadors and get them involved in helping to generate ideas for writing compelling stories and articles.

If you’d like to learn more about how blogging can help educate audiences and drive sales, get in touch. We work alongside clients, providing them with a comprehensive plan on how digital marketing tactics, such as blogging, can: increase website traffic, develop more leads, and convert those leads into customers.



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