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Construction Marketing Agencies: The What And The Why

Construction Marketing Agencies: The What And The Why

Time and again construction / building products businesses choose a marketing agency because the agency has a good website or were referred to them by a trusted source.

However this may not be the most effective way to go about it. 

Finding the right specialised agency that really understands the construction industry, and all of it's nuances and dynamics, would provide more benefits than just a generalised marketing agency.

Let's find out why working with a construction marketing agency makes sense for your business.

What Is A Construction Marketing Agency?

A construction marketing agency helps to market client’s products and services to specifiers and contractors. Agencies offer services, including; brand creation, website design, content marketing and strategy development. They have a deep understanding of the complexities of product specification, decision making and purchasing within construction.

Experts within this field will use their knowledge, expertise and experience of both the construction industry and marketing to develop tailored strategies and tactics that will enable clients to reach their business goals.  

And there you have it, simple.

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HOW DO THEY Differ From Other Marketing Agencies?

One key difference.

They understand the complexities of the construction industry and the built environment  

Although the construction industry is primarily business to business (B2B), in construction the sales process revolves around the project, the physical building or infrastructure that is being constructed or refurbished.

Work on these projects is a multi-agency affair, involving the client, architects, an array of consultants, the main contractor, specialist sub-contractors, merchants and more.  

The decision to use your product or service could be influenced by one or more people in one or more of these organisations.  It's complicated.

This complex decision making process makes construction marketing uniquely challenging, requiring businesses to tailor their value propositions to a large number of people, all to deliver one sale.

It's not for the faint hearted.

Often, strategies created by agencies that are unfamiliar with construction will target one decision maker, but will not generate tangible ROI as other parties are missed and may not be won over.

Typically, you'll need to be able to convey commercial benefits, technical/performance compliance, environmental benefits, aesthetics, ease of installation, low maintenance characteristics and be installer friendly.  

Deciding who you position each benefit to, where, when and how is critical to success.

An agency with a varied client base of say, a car dealership, a clothing brand, a food manufacturer and a chain of hairdressers often just won't get this right.

A seasoned, specialist construction marketing agency will.

Best of breed construction marketing agencies will also be data driven, results focused and concentrating on delivering a great ROI.

When you're considering which agency to work with in the future, doesn't choosing an industry specialist make sense?

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Choosing the right agency is an important decision for any business.  The right partner will help you grow your business and deliver long term, sustainable results.

The wrong choice will cost you time and money, and may even undermine great work done in the past.

A construction marketing agency delivers well crafted and tailored marketing services for construction related business.  Period.

They build your reputation, increase specification and deliver high quality qualified leads through the use of bespoke inbound marketing strategies and campaigns.

Well, that’s what Insynth does anyway.

Thinking about working with a specialist construction marketing agency?

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