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#INBOUND2021: 5G And The Tech Revolution

#INBOUND2021: 5G And The Tech Revolution

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INBOUND isn’t just about marketing, it’s also about showcasing the latest technology and highlighting how it can be hugely beneficial to all areas of life.

Take 5G for instance.

You’ve probably heard quite a lot about it. You might even be one of the half-billion or so people in the world whose phone actually makes use of it.

But what exactly is it? How far has the tech really come, and what can it be used for?

Answering these questions and more was Qualcomm’s, Don McGuire.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of wireless technology, bringing the next step of connectivity to not only people but places such as factories, schools and offices.

It’s all about expanding and scaling the current networks in place. With this, you gain benefits; faster speeds, increasing capacity and greater bandwidth.

With lower latency, 5G is also ultra-reliable, opening up a plethora of opportunities to the consumer.

don mcguire

The Leaps To 5G

The part that resonated the most with me was when Don took his time to explain the relative leaps between 3G, 4G and now 5G. Something we’ve all used, but perhaps never really considered.

The way he describes it, 3G took the phone and for the first time made it a messaging and voice device. Think about those early Blackberry’s and their QWERTY keyboards, utilising phone and emails.

Then, 4G came along and it was about bringing the internet to your phone and giving instant access to the world with the tap of the button. Without 4G apps like Uber and Deliveroo would never exist.

Finally, 5G. While still in its infancy, it will bring a new level of enhancements to apps, connecting people like never before and opening a range of entirely (as of yet) unimaginable possibilities.

What Opportunities Will 5G Unlock For Marketing?

But what does this all mean for you and your construction business?

Well, it’s hard to say exactly. Those examples of Uber and Deliveroo were unimaginable prior to 4G so what can 5G offer?

It will certainly improve the new office and home balance where we can combine our physical and virtual self, but the reality is, the possibilities are endless at this early stage and it will certainly extend beyond the phone.

Do you have the next big idea? Can you significantly improve how you work? Is there a new market for your product?

If yes, 5G will be able to make it work.


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that people want to stay connected. There was a huge spike in the purchase of new devices and improved Wi-Fi in early 2020, and that set the standard that 5G will uphold.

The automotive industry will change, with cars that interact with their environment, education can be brought to all corners of the globe, and emergency service response time can improve.

It all sounds very ‘Bladerunner’, but it will no doubt inspire the way we live moving through the 2020s and beyond.

The question though? Will you be the product or service that 5G becomes synonymous with?

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