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5 Essentials If You're New To Construction Marketing

5 Essentials If You're New To Construction Marketing

So, you’re new to construction marketing. Let us start by saying: Welcome! You’re part of one of the fastest-changing markets out there today. 

It has never been a better time to step foot into construction marketing. The way things have been done for decades is starting to see some dramatic change.  

Specifiers are becoming more and more digitally focused as the years go by - so much so that 98% of architects now prefer to conduct their research online. Gone are the days of traditional “handshake” interactions - and the reliance on trade shows and face-to-face CPDs to promote yourself is falling to the wayside. 

Whilst those who have been in the market for a long time may struggle to embrace this change; you’re in the prime position to learn how to do things the right way for 2021

Let’s discover the construction marketing essentials you can follow, to propel yours and your client’s businesses into the forefront of the industry. 

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The New Approach To Construction Marketing  

Before advocating the new approach to construction marketing, it’s essential that you know what came before.  

This is starting to change! 10 years ago, it was typical for architects and specifiers to discover new products at annual tradeshows and CPDs. This, in turn, created a market that was hard to penetrate and left smaller brands living in the shadow of the established titans.

Marketing back then relied on being pushy and drowning potential customers with information on your products whilst reinforcing their advantages over your competition.  

These days, technology and the internet has established itself as the new way of doing business; a modern business can’t function without it. With that came the change in buyer’s research: Google it.  

Customers now begin their buyer’s journey by typing in a question or problem to their search engine. They’re looking for solutions, not specific brands. That is where you come in; by establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you will be the go-to for your customer’s queries.  

So how can you do it? 


Content That Helps, Sells 

Content marketing is a crucial way to establish yourself or your client’s as trusted professionals in the field. By tailoring content to your potential customers’ needs, you can help them make better-informed purchasing decisions.  

Blogs, articles and newsletters are perfect opportunities to nurture trusted relationships with your potential leads - answer questions that you expect your future customers to ask.  

This content helps in more than just one way. Working an SEO strategy into your content will significantly help your business rank on google, putting more eyes on your company AND your content. 

 It’s a cycle that keeps on giving when done right.  


Your Website Will Determine Your Customer’s First Impression 

A professional website that faithfully represents your business is critical in this digital-first marketing world. This is key for your and your client’s businesses and can single-handedly change how customers interact with your services/products.

Your website can accomplish many goals and should include pages like your ‘about us page, services/products page, customers’ testimonials page, contact page and your blog page.

Remember The Market Is Wide Open 

The new digital approach to marketing has changed the game for everybody, but most importantly, it’s given newer and smaller businesses greater opportunities. 

Specifiers begin the buyer’s journey most often by searching a query online and researching possible solutions. Buyers are far less likely to be seeking specific brands in this new era; instead, they are looking for the right solution to meet their needs. 

SpecifiedBy found that only 12.4% of specifiers search for products by naming brands. Instead, they are looking for technical specifications – they want to know what you do and how you do it.  

Make Sure You Can Be Seen During The Buyer’s Research Stage 

It all begins with the search engine. SEO specialists, Platonik found that only 11% of people searching on Google make it to the second page. Making progress towards ranking page one in your business area should be one of your top priorities as a new business. Just remember: it takes time.  

But Google is the only way people will find your business. Social media is another excellent way of bringing your construction marketing business into the modern era.  

Building your online presence will only benefit your business and enable new audiences to find you. By following the same inbound methodology, you use in your content marketing strategy; your social media can further help potential buyers and establish you as a trusted professional. 


The construction marketing industry has changed dramatically in the last ten years, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

This new market allows us to put helping customers find the right solutions first indeed. In doing so, we are offering support and establishing ourselves as trusted voices in the industry and organically growing our businesses in the process.

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About Insynth 

At Insynth we deliver a predictable flow of leads, customers, and specifications for building product brands through our inbound marketing approach, proven to reach a technically demanding audience. 

We use the latest marketing techniques such as construction inbound marketing, to equip building product companies to grow sustainability in this era of digital transformation. 

As the only HubSpot certified agency to major in construction marketing. We have a proven formula of bringing a variety of functionalities together including CRM Implementation, Web Design, Sales Automation, SEO, and Email Marketing to achieve your ultimate aim: Growing your business and gaining new specifiers and customers.