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Simon Rhodes, Leigh Simpson and Jack Meisinger recently discussed marketing automation for building product businesses, and Project Prospecta specifically.

Missed the webinar? Watch it here:


This last Wednesday, Barbour ABI invited Project Prospecta to participate in a webinar discussing marketing automation for building product business.

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The hosts were Simon Rhodes (Group Commercial Director of Barbour ABI), Leigh Simpson (Founder of Insynth and Project Prospecta), and Jack Meisinger (General Manager of Project Prospecta).

The session started with this poll:

  • 87% of viewers said they didn’t use Barbour ABI to it’s full potential
  • 77% of attendees said they were under pressure to get more leads
  • Only 3% said their marketing department was excellent at generating leads (59% said “average”)

This highlights the tension that sparked the development of Project Prospecta.

Marketing and sales struggle to tap into the full potential of Barbour ABI. It's not a shortage of value that's the problem, it's how to capture it.

Watch the full discussion to find out how marketing automation provides a solution. Or book a demo!

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Jack Meisinger

Written by Jack Meisinger

Jack is the Chief Revenue Officer at Insynth