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Insynth is excited to announce its new studio service, with full professional lighting, podcasting capabilities, and industry-level video equipment, accompanied by a green screen.

Your creativity is no longer limited by your facilities - with Inynth's studio anything is possible!

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Why Studio Production?

Shooting on location or on-site is great, but it doesn't come without its challenges. There are a huge number of variables outside the control of you or your film crew and therefore creative compromises must be made, this can slow down shoots, ruin plans, and result in a less than a satisfactory end product.

By taking things to the studio, you eliminate these variables, allowing you to have a controlled environment that maximises your production time and offers further creative opportunities that can help your video stand out.

Choosing to shoot in a studio allows the video to break free from construction video norms  – suddenly, the normal rules do not apply! You can afford to be as eye-catching, bold, and abstract as you like.

Therefore Insynth has completely upgraded its studio space with state of the art equipment and facilities to offer you the sharpest video service in construction marketing.


How We Transformed Our Studios

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2020 left many building product businesses disoriented, with the rise of digital transformation driven by the restrictions of the pandemic. This meant building product business had to adapt to the 'new normal' embracing things like digital CPDs, CRMs and, well, video. With this demand, we decided to construct our very own in-house studio, allowing us to maintain synergy within Insynth and without clients by delivering all of our services in house. Ironing out the crinkles in outsourcing.


This Was A Unique Space

The Insynth office is a listed building - and we love it! But with this came limitations. It made It challenging when constructing such an innovative studio space in a traditional building with restrictions on what we could change.

Building a studio in a space that wasn’t initially intended for that purpose is always a challenge. Still, when you throw a 'listing building' into the mix, you’re almost certainly going to have to think outside of the box, and this was the case with the room's acoustics.

Since the space was not set up as a recording area, no acoustic treatment had been applied to any external surfaces within the room. With concrete walls, wooden floors and outside noise,  the sound quality suffered as a result.  We, therefore, recruited our award-winning client Sound Zero to come to our aid.

Sound Zero realised that the studio space had a full 360-degree sound. This meant that every aspect of the room had to serve an acoustic function in addition to neutralising the reverberation by retrofitting acoustic treatment to the main walls in the room.

Staying On Brand

The studio would be used as a multi-functionality facility, regularly being used as a video, photography and podcasting space by Insynth and our clients. Due to this, an element of subtle branding would be needed, however, impartiality would also play a key role.


The Solution 

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Sound Zero implemented a high wall and ceiling baffle system which is effective at reducing unwanted transmission sound reverberation. They attached various panels to the walls and ceiling and due to the sizeable absorptive area, these panels cover, they resulted in a  dramatic impact on the room's reverberation time (T20).

Not only does the quiet studio allow a cleaner sound recording, but it also promotes focus when the studio space is used as a meeting room or interworking location!

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Interested in Construction Video? Here's our process


1. The Creative

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Every great video requires great creativity! We generate brilliant ideas for your video producing:

  • Scripts
  • Storyboards
  • Pre-Visualisation 

At this stage, we will develop creative ideas for your video, you can be as involved as you like here! Once we have a shortlist of ideas that we like we’ll begin to road test these using different techniques to bring them to life. This way you can gain an understanding of what the end video would look like before any filming has been done. 


2. Pre-Production 

Pre-production is where we begin working on the logistics based on the creative direction established previously. We’ll look at everything that can impact on-time – transport, people, locations, and of course budgets. We’ll usually take a lead at the pre-production stage as we understand how long each element of filming is likely to take and the resources they will require. At this stage, we will manage:

  • Product information 
  • Cast
  • Voice-overs
  • Crew
  • Locations
  • Budgets
  • Planning

3. Production 

At the production stage, we will design a bespoke set around the requirements of your project outlined in pre-production. We are able to work with a generic backdrop that reflects your brand or provide a green screen to transport you anywhere in the world.


4. Post-Production 

Once your video has been captured and footage has been organised we use the latest technology to edit your video ensuring everything looks and sounds perfect. At this stage, we will:

  • Add motion graphics
  • Edit video footage
  • Refine sound quality 
  • Add voice over
  • Add music 

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5. Accessibility 

With the average user spending 80% more time on websites with video than without, video is an essential tool to reach audiences. However, with this rise in popularity comes the demand to increase video accessibility for those unable to consume video content in its traditional format. 

To ensure your accessibility requirements are met, we offer services such as:

  • Captioning 

Video captioning involves displaying text on a video itself to provide additional or interpretive information. The text is then time-coded to each frame to synchronise with the audio of a video.

  • Transcription 

Transcription is where speech or audio is converted into a written plain text document. Transcripts are normally located beneath the video; however, if the video is encoded via a third party, they can also be embedded with the video itself

At our Insynth offices, we have our in-house studio. With the option of being fitted with any colour backdrop to reflect your brand or a green screen to visualise abstract ideas, the studio offers many opportunities for filming your CPD,  how-to video and much more. If you are interested in booking your own studio time just contact us by clicking the button below. 

Dorian Wallace

Written by Dorian Wallace

Dorian is the Marketing Manager at Insynth, responsible for the marketing and positioning of the Insynth brand. He is also 2021's Emerging Agency Star of The Year in UK construction marketing.