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Construction marketing agency Insynth has recently helped RehireUK launch a brand-new website following a value proposition workshop and innovative rebrand.

Midland’s based, but serving the nation, RehireUK approached Insynth to help launch a brand-new website. With the aim of taking the stress away from contractors sourcing equipment for their construction projects, read on to discover what was undertaken.


Construction Rebranding - Creating A New Logo

One of the most important parts of any client onboarding process is the value proposition. It’s with this workshop that Insynth’s creatives sit down with its clients and really find out where their value lies.

One of the key takeaways was the idea of customers being ‘freed’ when they used RehireUK's services.

Not only did this jump out as a key part of the value proposition, but it also led to Insynth’s design team creating a new logo that reflected this. Standing out in the construction sector, Rehire’s new logo shows a construction worker being freed from the burden of sourcing equipment.

This new logo helped revitalise Rehire’s position in the market and highlights the importance of a value proposition and the impact it can have across the board.

You can see it by visiting their website – RehireUK.


Content Marketing & Importance of SEO

Rehire has also made use of Insynth’s talented content marketing and SEO team.

Focusing on individual product categories, regular blogging will be used to help Rehire rank organically for some of its target keywords. On top of this, regular SEO will help maintain Rehire’s site visibility.

With internal linking, image optimization and regular SEO checks, the website will be maintained to a high standard for both Google search and the experience of RehireUK site users.

Insynth also makes use of the HubSpot platform to send regular marketing emails to Rehire’s list of contacts. Making sure subject lines are engaging, and emails are full of informative content, it’s another string to Rehire’s marketing bow.


About Rehire – Plant & Construction Equipment Rental

Freeing up contractors to work on other parts of the construction process, Rehire ends the hassle and stress of sourcing plant and equipment for construction projects. With a team that combines over 75 years of experience in the industry, RehireUK is more than happy to take on the burden.

Much like a comparison site for car insurance, Rehire looks across the entire industry in order to source the best possible deals whatever the project is meaning contractors can carry on with more important tasks.

Interested in finding out more about Rehire or the marketing strategy used by Insynth? Then get in touch with our construction marketing experts.

Dom D'Angelillo

Written by Dom D'Angelillo

Dom is a Technical Writer at Insynth Marketing Ltd and enjoys nothing more than making complicated topics easy to digest.