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Brennan Chui

Brennan Chui

Brennan is a content writer at Insynth. She takes great care in understanding client’s needs and support them towards success.

Recent posts by Brennan Chui

7 min read

Marketing to Architects: How to Create a Plan & Get Exec Buy-In

By Brennan Chui on 18-Oct-2023 11:35:51

Here’s the hardest part about marketing to architects. You have to focus on this singular audience.

Many are afraid of missing other opportunities - “We want to speak to distributors, contractors, and clients too.”

We get it. But there's a better way to approach this.

Topics: Lead Generation Inbound Marketing Marketing Strategy
5 min read

Leveraging Content Marketing to Reach Architects

By Brennan Chui on 14-Sep-2023 15:59:31

In a notoriously competitive industry like construction, standing out from the crowd requires some hard work. Effective content marketing can help you achieve this goal by strategically positioning your brand on search engines for relevant topics, which in turn attracts more qualified leads to your business.

Topics: Content Marketing
6 min read

Website Design Essentials for Effective Marketing To Architects

By Brennan Chui on 22-Aug-2023 09:27:26

Your website is an essential part of marketing to architects and, according to our research, it is their "first port of call" when researching new products. 

However, many building product companies consider their website a brochure. A static page. 

Your website can be so much more than that!

Topics: Website
9 min read

Creating An Effective CPD of Value: DO's and DON'T's Checklist

By Brennan Chui on 11-Apr-2023 14:45:07


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to the ongoing process of learning, developing skills, and improving knowledge in one's chosen profession. It is an essential part of personal and professional growth for construction professionals as it allows them to hone their skills and knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.   

An effective CPD can enhance the professionals’ competencies, improve their job performance, and advance their career prospects. But as a CPD provider, you’ll also earn a role as a trusted advisor and have a higher chance of getting your products specified. 


Here are all the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to CPD creation.  

Topics: CPD
6 min read

CPD in 2023: The Post COVID Era

By Brennan Chui on 15-Mar-2023 11:00:00

A lot has changed since the pandemic.  

Even though the pandemic period is over, it seems that some changes are here to stay.  

As remote work and video conferencing are becoming more prevalent and establishing a new norm, we are seeing increasing demand for online CPD

Topics: CPD
7 min read

What is CPD & why do you need it?

By Brennan Chui on 09-Feb-2023 10:00:00

Professional success is an ongoing journey with no end.

As the world and technology evolves at rocket speed, especially throughout the last decade, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is how professionals maintain their skills, knowledge, and understanding to remain up-to-date with industry best practices and stay on top of their game.

For those operating in the architectural and design space, CPDs play a pivotal role within each professional’s career path.

Topics: CPD