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Should RIBA CPD Be Part Of Your Strategy?

Should RIBA CPD Be Part Of Your Strategy?

RIBA-approved CPDs hold significant weight within the construction/building product space. And if your aim is to increase specification and awareness amongst the architectural landscape, then a RIBA CPD is most definitely a consideration to add to your marketing mix.

Here are the facts:

  • The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is home to 44,000 Chartered Architects
  • Architects who are part of the RIBA must undertake 35 hours of CPD per year
  • CPD points are based on self-reflection
  • RIBA CPDs are worth double points

If you’re new to CPD or unsure of what direction to take with your CPD, this post covers the reasons why you should (or, indeed, shouldn’t) consider RIBA CPD as part of your strategy.

Benefits of A RIBA CPD

There are benefits to a RIBA-approved CPD. Below, we’ve outlined some of the less-obvious wins for you, the building product manufacturer.

Not only does CPD help you to increase brand awareness and exposure, but it can also hold SEO advantages since it will be hosted on an external platform. You can read more about the benefits of RIBA CPD here, but to paraphrase:

  • Exposure – Thousands of architects will be trawling the RIBA CPD website every month, in search of a CPD in which to obtain their mandatory points.
  • Backlink – A backlink to your website will increase your domain authority, making it more likely for you to get ranked above your competitors.
  • High-quality perception – Getting accredited is a challenge, and that ‘seal of approval’ means your CPD will be perceived as high-quality and authoritative.
  • Added benefits – These include access to exclusive events, opportunities to present at roadshows, as well as increasing your networking opportunities.

Why Your Business Aims & Objectives Matter

Aside from educational value and brand awareness, let’s face it: the ultimate aim of a CPD is to build relationships and get specified into projects.

But getting specified may not tie into your 6–12-month business plan. Or it may only play a small part in your business plan. So,  consider how much time and resource you should give to the development of a RIBA CPD before making any decisions.

Outsourcing this responsibility will save you time. And the rewards could pay off ten-fold.

A RIBA-approved CPD will serve its purpose for years to come, providing regulation doesn’t change. So, even if specification doesn’t tie into your short-term sales objectives, a RIBA-approved CPD will be a nice resource that ticks away in the background, whilst your sales team can focus on their wider aims – whatever they may be.

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What You Should Consider With A RIBA CPD?

Getting specified through CPD cannot happen overnight. And there are no guarantees. Instead, it should be seen as a touchpoint that contributes to your overall Inbound Marketing approach – which aims to solve problems and help people.

RIBA approval does add that extra layer of complexity and may require you to go back to the drawing board with your existing CPD. An outside source with knowledge of the RIBA approval process will be able to develop a CPD that will make it through the accreditation process with relative ease.

There are plenty of CPD creation offerings out there, with Insynth being one of them. Check out our CPD service page, if you wish.


RIBA CPD is seen as the ‘gold standard’ for professional development within the industry, and if you’ve ever tried to get your CPD accredited by the RIBA, you’ll know that it’s not an easy process. Approval may take several rounds of edits to ensure it fits within the ‘RIBA Core Curriculum aims’, and your session should present a balanced, objective overview.

Bear in mind: RIBA CPD is just one of many CPD platforms that construction professionals can use to gain education.

You should also consider CIOB (builders), RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers), and much more.

You may find there are several institutions that align more with your target audience.

That being said, we can help you with your RIBA CPD. Just get in touch with an expert to discuss your needs further.

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