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CPD in 2023: The Post COVID Era

CPD in 2023: The Post COVID Era

A lot has changed since the pandemic.  

Even though the pandemic period is over, it seems that some changes are here to stay.  

As remote work and video conferencing are becoming more prevalent and establishing a new norm, we are seeing increasing demand for online CPD

Digital CPD Is the Way To Go 

According to a recent RIBA survey, a majority of architects (81%) have transitioned to working entirely remotely or from home.  

This shift has resulted in significant changes, and makes it even more challenging to get in front of a specifier. With things as they are, it’s unlikely specifiers are willing to meet with manufacturer representatives when their time in the office is at a premium.  

That’s why digital CPD is gaining popularity.  

Unlike traditional in-person CPD, digital CPD, such as online courses and webinars offer construction professionals a convenient, flexible and efficient way to learn about new products, technologies, and best practices from the comfort of the location of their choice at their own leisure.  

RIBA (Royal Institute Of British Architects) conducted a survey last year, and data has proven the landscape of CPD is undergoing a massive transformation.  

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Surprisingly, in-person seminars are no longer the go-to format for CPD, and architects are embracing online CPD formats at an unprecedented rate.  

Only 49% of RIBA network members delivered online CPDs back in 2018. In just two years, that figure had risen to 70%. It’s a clear indication of the accelerating need for digital CPD sessions.

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There is also a growing trend among specifiers for bite-sized “microlearning”.  

Rather than dedicating a full hour in one block, architects are seeking out shorter and more manageable pieces of content that can be consumed quickly and easily on demand.  
By breaking down larger pieces of information into more focused modules, it becomes easier for architects to fit CPD learning into their busy schedules.  

The study highlighted the “sweet spot” for webinars – just over half an hour, a little less than an hour for in-person seminars and around 90 minutes for factory visits. 


Benefits of Having Online CPD 

With the convenience of technology, it offers a way to save time and money while providing an engaging and flexible learning experience for participants.  

Beyond these benefits, online CPD can help build trust and loyalty with customers by demonstrating a commitment to ongoing professional development, this is where the true value of online CPD lies. 

  1. Saves travel and setup time for sales team
  2. Cost effective as pre-recorded courses can be distributed and reused with no limit
  3. Act as a lead magnet when hosted on your website
  4. Flexibility creates positive customer experience for the architects 

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Potential Challenges with Digital CPD Presentations 

Many building product manufacturers have seen remarkable results with digital CPD. Yet, there are potential challenges to overcome when presenting a digital CPD.  

 One such major challenge is the short attention span of the audience 

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So, keeping your audience interested and engaged is the key.  

Take webinar as an example, distractions can be a common problem for participants. The lack of physical presence can make it challenging to keep participants engaged and connected to the content.  

That's why it's essential to incorporate strategies to keep participants focused and actively involved in the learning process. By creating a dynamic and immersive learning experience, you can ensure that your online CPD is both effective and enjoyable.  



The good news is there are many ways to tackle lowered attention spans and increase audience engagement.  

1) Visual Stimulation and Compelling Stories 

Don’t underestimate the power of good visual assets, and how they can help in creating a much more enjoyable learning experience.  

Visuals in your content – including photos, charts, illustrations, icons, animation, videos etc., can help explain a concept more quickly and effectively than text alone. After all, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text! 

Make sure your script is well written and got all the elements right: professional, informative, and fun.  

The success of a CPD session hinges on the quality of the content being delivered. Engaging and informative content not only teaches and inspires but also leaves a lasting impression on the participants.  

By providing high-quality content, you can establish your company as a trusted source of knowledge and expertise, which can help build strong relationships with architects and other professionals in your industry.  


2) Add chapters to long form video content 

Chapters can organise your video into short, labelled sections, making it easier for viewers to navigate to specific areas in your CPD presentation.  

By breaking up your content into smaller sections, the viewers are less likely to get overwhelmed by the length of the content and stay engaged throughout. 


3) Include Quizzes In Your CPD 

Quizzes can create an interactive and dynamic learning experience that challenges participants to actively listen and engage with the content.  

Be sure to strike the right balance between difficulty and accessibility when design your quizzes. They should be challenging enough to keep participants engaged, but not so difficult that they become discouraged or disinterested.  

Also, consider offering incentives or rewards for participants who perform well, i.e. certificates or badges, to motivate them to engage more.  

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How Insynth Can Help With Your CPD 

At Insynth, we offer a holistic CPD production process, helping you take your CPD offerings to the next level. Through our team of highly skilled technical writers and in-house design team, you can create an interactive and on-demand learning experience. 

With optional CPD digitisation, script-writing, voice-over and video work, Insynth can bring your educational content to life and help your brand stand out in your space. 

To learn more about our unique CPD delivery process, speak to one of our experts today!