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Performance Websites: Capturing User Feedback

Performance Websites: Capturing User Feedback

When designing a performance website, gathering user feedback can help you identify potential issues and areas for improvement before the website is launched. It’s worth allocating the budget to pay independent users to spend an hour going through the website and giving you honest, objective feedback.

It’s worth doing this at least annually.

Heatmap tools such as Hotjar, Lucky Orange, or Mouseflow for ongoing feedback. By recording actual web sessions, you can see how visitors are using the site and how they interact with elements such as forms, CTAs and interactive tools. It’s often clear where there is friction in the customer journey, and improvements can be tested to deliver those important marginal gains.

There are several elements of user feedback to consider.

1. Usability

When gathering user feedback for a performance website, it is crucial to ask users about the ease or difficulty they experience while navigating the website and completing desired actions. This step is essential in eliminating potential roadblocks and identifying areas where users may become confused or frustrated.

By understanding the user's perspective, you can gain valuable insights into any obstacles they may encounter during their journey on your website. This feedback allows you to make necessary improvements and enhancements to ensure a seamless user experience.

Asking users about the ease of navigation helps you identify any potential issues with the website's layout, menu structure, or overall user interface. It allows you to address any elements that may cause confusion or hinder users from finding the information or completing the actions they desire.


2. Design

Gathering user feedback on website design is a crucial step in ensuring a visually appealing and effective website. By seeking input from users, you can identify potential issues with color schemes, fonts, images, and other design elements that may impact the overall user experience.

For example, when it comes to color schemes, user feedback can provide valuable insights into whether the chosen colors are visually appealing, consistent with your brand, and suitable for your target audience. Users may also provide suggestions for alternative color combinations or highlight any accessibility issues related to color contrast.

This is true for fonts, and images too. You may be surprised at the response you get. 


3. Content

Does the quality and relevance of your written and visual content hot the mark? Feedback on your content can identify areas where content may be confusing or unclear, or where additional content is required



4. Functionality

Are your interactive elements working and feel logical? Check your forms, buttons, links, or other interactive elements such as calculators.


5. Accessibility

Considering the needs of users with disabilities ensures that your site is accessible to all. Get feedback on potential issues with text size, contrast, or other accessibility features.




A modest investment in user feedback during the design and build phase and on an ongoing basis can make a huge difference in creating a high-performance website that meets the needs of your target audience and generates more leads, specifications and sales.

To dive deeper and discover how this can transform your website into a true asset for your business book a free consultation.

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