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Performance Websites: What's the ROI?

Performance Websites: What's the ROI?

If you build a performance website, you should expect your overall website activity to be driving over 90% of your net new growth. Net new? That’s new business from companies or specifiers you’ve never dealt with. The rest will probably be coming from outbound sales activity and word-of-mouth referrals.

In my own business, in the last five years, we’ve grown 250% in revenue and more in net profit. We can attribute almost all of this net new growth to SEO, content marketing and the continuing efforts to improve website performance. 

The ROI is 1409%. That’s £14.09 in revenue for every £1 spent on creating my website, producing new content (blogs, ebooks, technical info, etc), A/B testing pages, SEO and nurturing leads.


MOre than revenue

The ROI isn’t just financial either, there’s been a big dividend for the sales team too. Their focus is now dealing with inbound sales and technical enquiries and following up quotations.

We have created enough time to follow up quotes over eight times on average instead of fewer than 3 times, which has increased conversion rates by over 100%.

The team are less stressed about hitting targets and doesn’t have the daunting task of making countless cold calls to try to book appointments.

They’ve never been busier or happier.



The Road to Performance Website ROI

This change has taken five years so far, and we’re still improving. But even in year one, this approach produced a positive ROI, which has improved year on year.

Here is a simple ROI calculator to illustrate your ROI once your performance website is successfully up and running.

You can access it here.


Website Revenue Calculator Image - Graph going up and to the right



This evolution towards a performance-driven website has been a five-year journey, and the commitment to improvement continues. Even from the very first year, it yielded a positive ROI that has only improved with time. 

As you reflect on this path of growth and transformation, you may be inspired to start developing your own performance website. From our experience, it's evident that the power of a well-crafted digital strategy cannot be overstated. The results, both financial and cultural, are a testament to the immense value that a performance-driven website can bring to any business.

A good first step may be a website audit. If you'd like to discuss this, please set up a meeting here.

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