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Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Grow (Your Organic Traffic) Better

Insynth @INBOUND19 - How To Grow (Your Organic Traffic) Better


Victor’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorpan/

Victor’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/victorpan

Brandon’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/braden-becker-91200a5b/

Brandon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/BradenBecker


Search engine algorithms change all the time. And either you adapt or fall behind.

These are the key messages taken from the ‘How To Grow Better’ Inbound 2019 talk, hosted by Victor Pan and Branden Becker. Victor is an SEO on HubSpot's Marketing team and Branden is an SEO strategist on HubSpot's Marketing team.

The main takeaways from the session are:

  • Learn how SEO is changing in 2019, and how you can adapt and grow
  • Learn how to build your own topic clusters
  • Identify opportunities for “historical” optimization, and rank for featured snippet


SEO Is Changes Over Time

People’s searching habits have evolved and so has the way that search engines ‘pull’ relevant information.

There are lots of measures you can implement which will take you to the top of Google’s rankings, but before we cover that further, I’m just going to share one key takeaway that I took from the session:

Always ensure your content is both desktop and mobile friendly.

More people access information via their phones than ever before, so type your website into your phone and just check to see how accessible your site is.

Can you navigate through the website easily and efficiently? Having a mobile-friendly website might be the difference between a lead and a fleeting visitor.


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Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are multiple pieces of content based around a specific topic. When considering a content marketing strategy for your building products and construction company, we always advocate topic clusters.

Typically, we will write up to twelve blog posts, a pillar post, and eventually a downloadable eBook and landing page.

What are the benefits of this?

Google recognises that you have a lot of content around a particular topic. You become experts within that category and you’re more likely to rank highly in results.


Historical Optimisation

This involves looking back at your older pieces of content. Did it perform well? If not, consider what you could do to improve it for SEO purposes. Do you need to include more focussed keywords?

Victor and Brandon both discussed the constant changes in Google algorithms and the need to update your content to accommodate those changes.



If you want your building products and construction company to grow with an SEO-focussed content strategy, get in touch today.

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