Will Morris

Will Morris

Will is a Business Development Manager with Insynth Marketing Ltd. He brings with him 20 years of experience within various sales roles within Construction & Manufacturing. His can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air and the growth he has assisted to add to businesses is creating other market leaders within the Building Products & Manufacturing space.

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How Sales & Marketing Can Be Aligned To Help You Bounce Back!

By Will Morris on 07-May-2020 15:39:23

1: Selling Solo

Being an old-skool salesman I thought I knew it all. Results were powered solely by my own hands and my own way of thinking. My way had always worked, hitting the phone as hard as I could, sniffing out buying signals in order to get that next sale. I didn’t need anyone apart from my own desire, and I had bucket loads of that.

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5 Things I Learnt About Selling From Keenan

By Will Morris on 24-Apr-2020 10:44:23

As an experienced Salesperson, I had my own methods and philosophy which worked and had made me a success in the past. I had been a top biller for many previous employers, and the notion that one book could change my thought process was unthinkable.

I remember the first time my CEO introduced me to Keenan’s “Gap Selling”. At first, I had my doubts: yet another sales guy trying to tell me that his way is the best.

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Life Lessons From My Sales Bootcamp Experience

By Will Morris on 24-Dec-2019 10:09:00

My Dublin visit to the HubSpot head offices was over. My brain felt comfortably loaded with the wealth of knowledge and training that I had undertaken.

Dan Tire, ‘The Boom Man’ as he is so affectionately known, had excelled himself. It had been a pleasure to be in the company of the individuals I admire most within the sales world.

As I sat in the window seat of Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft, I wondered if this was how Bruce Lee felt when he first met IP Man.

It was fun. We worked hard.

But I knew the hard work had only just begun.

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Tales From The Oldskool Salesman: Embracing Change

By Will Morris on 30-Oct-2019 16:22:22

It was Autumn 2016. I was sat outside my CEO’s office awaiting the annual meeting to discuss next year’s targets.

All these thoughts were running through my head:

“Will we have new products?”

“Will I be able to hire the two new guys needed for my Sales team?”

“Have we achieved enough this financial year?”


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