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Intersect Surveys Doubles Website Visitors with New Website 

The new website broke records for visitors and new sessions only 3 months after launch.


Clear call-to-actions and compelling social proof drive engagement

Intersect Surveys Ltd is a multi-disciplinary survey company offering a full range of services, such as underground utility detection and mapping, 3D laser scanning, topographical surveys, structural and environmental monitoring, etc. Aware of the importance of surveying services, they built a versatile company, offering a vast variety of services. Yet, despite having a great offering, they struggled to reach their audience of architects and engineers.
Their website simply was not working. They knew specifiers were doing more research online and their site was holding them back. They suspected SEO was a problem, but did not have the tools to properly analyse it. They worked with Insynth to diagnose the problem.
After a thorough analysis, Insynth identified that traffic was not the only area that needed to improve. Page size was large, and the average speed of their site was almost double the best practice threshold. Their JavaScript also presented technical vulnerabilities. As the scope of the challenges became clear, Insynth advised Intersect Surveys to build a new website.
Three months after launch, they have already doubled their traffic and the number of sessions on their website is at an all-time-high.

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Facilitating Data Storage and Management

Data storage was a priority for Intersect Surveys because they didn't currently have a centralised way to store contact information gathered from the website. This meant that they were missing opportunities to remarket to existing contacts. Designing the website on HubSpot allowed them to integrate their website with an intuitive and user-friendly CRM. 
Designed using HubSpot's CMS Hub, their website is fully integrated with a CRM where they can explore, manage, and progress all leads coming through the website.  The advice from Insynth was to take into account the customer journey for every page of the website, placing appropriate CTAs and forms throughout the site.


Bespoke Widget Design Improves Lead Qualification

The HubSpot's CMS allowed the website to host a powerful but user-friendly map-based widget that specifiers can use to see if  Intersect Surveys services their area. This widget was developed in-house by Insynth, to help qualify in and out leads as they come through the website.

Thanks to its integrated nature, the widget speaks directly to HubSpot's CRM and, once a lead submits their request, this goes straight into their database. This enables them to continually build their contact database and grow their marketing reach.
Forms on HubSpot also allow users to upload documents, making sure specifiers can easily upload drawings and documentation.
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Record Results Achieved Rapid Improvement of Website Performance


Focusing on content, customer journey mapping, and overall UX, Intersect Surveys was able to double visitors compared to the previous quarter. They also doubled the number of new visitors their website brought through, with over 1,500 new visitors having accessed their site during 2022 Q4.

The improved website and CRM helped them reach more specifiers, engage more leads, and grow their business.

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new visitors during the first quarter after launch


page views during the first quarter after launch


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