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New Cemfloor Website Offers Tailored CX for Specifiers 

And doubles website traffic in just 30 days after launch.


Tailored website design to boost specifications


Cemfloor is a family-owned and operated flooring company with a long history in the liquid screed market. They built a strong business with a great product and great team, but no significant marketing support. In 2022 this changed. They knew specifiers were doing more research online. If they wanted to reach them, they would need a new website.
They worked with Insynth to create a website that offered a tailored experience to architects, homeowners, contractors, installers, and channel partners.
One month after launch they have already doubled their monthly website traffic.
  • Almost 4,000 visitors in the first 30 days
  • The average session time has increased to over a minute
  • Bounce-rates have reduced and visitors have converted to high-quality leads.  

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Prioritising Customer Experience


Cemfloor had always been committed to hosting all relevant information online. Yet, when their website tried to say everything, it communicated nothing. It was too complex, and visitors couldn't find what they were looking for. 
Cemfloor understood specification was happening online and were aware that over a three-quarters of specifiers prefer researching a product online and independently, at their own pace. So it was essential to ensure the website offered a flawless customer experience and the opportunity to self-educate.
The advice from Insynth was to redesign their website and take a completely different approach. Instead of a massive website with all the information for everyone, develop a homepage that allowed for different groups to identify themselves as architects, homeowners, contractors, or installers, and choose to embark in a tailored website experience.
The goal was to encourage visitors to spend longer on the website whist providing Cemfloor with invaluable insights into the different groups that were accessing their site.
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Facilitating Access to Data-Sheets and Product Information


Designed using HubSpot's CMS Hub, their website is fully integrated with a CRM where they can explore, manage, and nurture leads generated from the website. By identifying what pages a contact has visited, they can cater their marketing and sales interactions to convey the right message and offer relevant information.
To serve specifiers who prefer to self-educate, HubSpot's CMS allowed their website to host a complex but user-friendly download centre where specifiers can easily search, filter, and download information that will allow for a quicker and more efficient specification process. Clear content on the benefits of the product make this website a dream-come-true for specifiers and other construction professionals. 
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Strong Design with Cohesive Style


The redesign of their website focused on a complete redefinition of the shapes, tone, and style of their site. Taking inspiration from soft waves and gradients allowed them to achieve an elegant but welcoming look. Insynth generated bespoke icons and imagery to elevate the overall feel of the site and ensure its cohesion throughought. 
Plenty of whitespace allowed for the display of information and technical elements without overwhelming the visitor. Paired up with high-quality images, animations, and video clips that showcased the product in action, Insynth achieved an interactive website without sacrificing speed, loading time, or comfort.  



Download free Case Study PDF


visitors on the first month after launch


seconds average session length


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