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Why is the Sitescope 360 Report important?


More than 80% of the construction industry buyers’ journey is happening online. 

Only businesses whose websites have compelling UX, rich educational content, and thoughtful design are set up to succeed in this environment.

Poor website user experience leads to millions of pounds of lost revenue for building product companies every year.




How does it work?


By analysing your website’s current state and comparing it to the expectations and requirements of your buyer, we can provide you with a blueprint for a best-in-class website that fully supports your prospects journey.

Many companies offer design services, but without researching and analysing your audience, website and business goals, these services are just painting over your problems.

It's not about fonts and colours. It's about changes that improve conversion to drive revenue. 


Growth follows good design


Providing online experiences that surpass your customers expectations and exceeds the offering of your competitors’ means all of your sales and marketing activity will be more effective in the future.

Your website is the foundation of all your business development activity, so getting it right is a critical step to sustainable growth. 


1. Analysis

The report analyses your website and online resources to make a list of recommended changes to UX, design, and content to fully support your buyers journey from initial visit to enquiry and beyond.


2. Roadmap

After the analysis, we will create a road map of development priorities that will have the greatest impact most quickly. This helps you make significant progress without being overwhelmed by breaking it down piece-by-piece.


3. Next Steps

After receiving the report, we can carry out the recommendations, you can do it yourself, or give the roadmap to another agency. However you choose to proceed, the report will act as a detailed brief and project plan to take your website to the next level.



Sitescope 360

Improve Your Website Performance



  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Technical Resource Review
  • Marketing Resource Review
  • Product Family Definitions Review
  • Current Website Design & Functionality Review
  • UX & Design Consultation
  • Moodboard
  • Recommended Sitemap
  • UX Recommendations
  • Page Structure Suggestions
  • Recommendations for Additional Functionality & Content
  • CRM Integration Suggestions
  • Development Scope of Works

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